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Dmitry Revkov

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Dmitry is looking to progress his brewing career by working in the UK. He has been at AB-InBev Ukraine for just over two years.

My name is Dmitry Revkov and I currently work at the Nikolayev branch of AB-InBev in Ukraine.

I am interested in looking for job opportunities in the brewing industry, especially within the United Kingdom, and would be very interested to hear from any medium-to-large sized brewery. My current position at AB-InBev is Process Engineer, which I have held for over three years. Additionally, I could represent UK companies (any related to brewing ingredients, equipment supplies, etc) who are looking to extend its business to cover Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries.

Please download my CV for detailed information. My contact details are shown below as well.

Thank you for taking the time to review my details and I wish you the best of luck in your future operations.

Tel: +380 80503840727
Address: 12 Korabelov Street, Nikolayev, Ukraine 


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