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Luke Erdody

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Luke has been in the brewing industry since 1999 and is currently seeking a position.

My name is Luke Erdody and I am applying for a possible brewing position.  I have been brewing since 1999 and have brewed in New York, Hawaii and recently returned from Australia. 
I started out brewing in New York in a brewpub and moved on to Hawaii, after studying in New Zealand, to brew on Oahu.  I am familiar with the brewpub setting and enjoy brewing on a smaller scale.  This environment gives me the opportunity to play with recipes and brew new beers.  My brewing skills and education are continually growing.  I firmly believe that continual education is a necessary part of a brewers career in order to reach the highest level of brewing. 

Brewing in Australia with the Burleigh Brewing Company allowed me to further my brewing skills by introducing me to advanced yeast management, lab work and bottling in a production environment.  I look forward to implementing these in my future brewing ventures.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime - my details are shown below.  Thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck in your future operations.

Tel: +1 305 431 4880


Address: 289 Rada Court, Miami, FL 33143, USA

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