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Head Brewer

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Craft brewery in Ireland seeks brewhouse leader

Costellos are all about the craft, we started this brewing company to ensure the craft of brewing thrives in our city. We need our brewers as much as we need our butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, or maybe even more…




Our core values guide everything we do.

* Local is Best – A sustainable Kilkenny economy.
* Quality is Everything – Our customers deserve nothing less.
* Integrity – To create the most productive and enjoyable environment.
* Born to Lead – Bring Brewing back into focus in Kilkenny

We want you to join us on our mission to return Kilkenny to its rightful place at the forefront of global brewing. Join us now and inspire great Kilkenny beers.

As Head Brewer you’ll be charged with implementing all aspects of the brewing process to ensure the highest quality beers are brewed, to Costellos’ exact quality standards.

Are you up to the challenge?

* You live and breathe all things beer; uncompromising quality is your mantra.
* You are a natural innovator and possess barrels of charisma and style to be the perfect ambassador for Costellos.
* You have sufficient and relevant experience to oversee the whole brewing process from raw materials to packaged bright beer, while documenting all relevant data.
* You continuously work towards process improvement with a sole focus on brewing beer of the highest quality.
* You have the creativity and inspiration to design and create new beers, taking your vision and passion for excellent beer to the consuming public.
* You are mechanically proficient to enable you to maintain and enhance your brewery, as you see fit, and in keeping with your ultimate goal of proving yourself as a world class brewer.

How to apply

Please send us your CV and show us your commitment to brewing great beer.

Location:               Kilkenny, Ireland

Salary:                    If you’re worth it we’ll happily pay it


Closing date for applications: 31st January 2017

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