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Putting one's foot down

As denizens of a planet characterised by increasing demand for ultimately finite natural resources, it stands to reason that businesses need to become increasingly aware of risks entailed. Welcome then the science of water footprints. Report by Larry Nelson. (BG Jan/Feb 2011)

Spice of life

Brazil may be best known for its big brand lagers but there's a little known microbrewing revolution underway. As Andy Howitt discovers, the country now boasts more than 100 micros, taking pride in producing world standard beer styles. (BG Jan/Feb 2011)

Inside Piedras Negras

Brewing is underway at Grupo Modelo’s new 10mhl brewery near Piedras Negras, Coahuila, in northern Mexico, in a plant that boasts all state-of-the-art technology – and then some. Editor Larry Nelson visited the brewery for an inside look, as well as for a big picture view on Modelo’s environmental and technical objectives.

Cerveza Sin, por favor!

Since their mainstream introduction in the 1980s, non-alcohol and low-alcohol beers have not exactly taken the global brewing industry by storm. While the taste of early NABLAB brands is cited as one of the reasons, others note that changing longstanding consumer habits in such traditional beer markets such as Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom is a hard and lengthy process. Michel Cruz reports.

What's in your Sustainability Report?

How comparable are brewers' sustainability practices and what constitutes excellence in sustainability and environmental performance reporting? As Nancy Kamp-Roelands, Doug Johnston and Eric Dierckx of Ernst & Young discover, there's much to admire regarding transparent accountability but still a few too many apple and oranges comparisons to equate like-for-like performances.

Big Love: Mega-Breweries

While breweries come in all sizes, increasingly a production platform worth its malt numbers one or more mega-breweries in excess above 10mhl amongst its facilities. In light of the commencement of production at Grupo Modelo's Piedras Negras brewery, Richard Brass surveys industry opinion as what factors make mega-breweries desirable and considers the key operational issues.

Spreading the Gospel

The pairing of beer with food has been a long-held article of faith for the brewing industry, yet save a handful of early trailblazing conversions to the cause, belief was not evidenced by works. Over the last five years all that has changed thanks to the creation of professional training courses and a willingness by both brand owners and retailers to support beer and food matching. Glynn Davis reports on a global phenomenon.

From Lab to Shelf

Carlsberg is attempting something new in the world of brewing multinationals, combining its innovation, sales and marketing functions under one roof. Senior vice-president Khalil Younes is heading this ambitious combination with a remit to speed up innovation and respond more effectively to consumer needs (BG May-June 2010 Cover Story).

Standing out from the Crowd

The rise of pressure sensitive labels stalled in 2009, as cuts in capital expenditure in the depths of the recession put a hold on purchases of labelling equipment. Suppliers report a return to robust health at the beginning of 2010 but there's another concern for everyone in the industry - environmental performance (BG May-June 2010)

Is this the brewery of the future?

The Martens family has been in the brewing business for generations, longer than better-known Guinness, but when it comes to thinking about the future its enviable heritage poses no obstacles. managing director Jan Martens has embraced continuous brewing, crossflow filtration, plastic packaging and other state-of-the-art practices with enthusiasm.
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