Making the most of drinktec

Your week in Munich is only partially about what's in the exhibition halls ...
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Exhibitors: what’s hot at drinktec

There are 1,500 stories to be told. Here are some of the most compelling...
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Three buses

Genuine marketing innovations are rare - here's three to start '16...
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20:20 vision: take the over

Craft beer growth is unstoppable unless definition concerns trip it up...
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Brewing and the environment

The world of brewery co-products

Here's a radical thought: could it be one day that co-products generated by the brewing process will be worth more than the beer produced? The Beer & The Environment series concludes on a typiclly controversial note.

Effluent treatment

Waste water, environmentally speaking, is water down the drain. UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth considers best practice in reducing the COD load, after a spot of do-it-yourself at home.

Lights out

Energy conservation meaures can be both big and small, from instlling an efficient wort-boiling system through to simply having staff turn off lights in an empty room. UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth charts a clear direction regarding greener technologies.

Water, water

Water is not everywhere, writes Charlie Bamforth, and there's the dry rub: brewers can do more to reduce, recycle and re-use in brewing and especially packaging processes. The good professor catalogues a myriad of possibilities to improve performance - starting on the home front....
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Brewery greenery

Charlie Bamforth opens his series on brewing and the environment with an overview of the factors in play - financial, political and legislative agendas, as well as consumer concerns and functional considerations, such as the market for spent grains.
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