Making the most of drinktec

Your week in Munich is only partially about what's in the exhibition halls ...
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Exhibitors: what’s hot at drinktec

There are 1,500 stories to be told. Here are some of the most compelling...
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Three buses

Genuine marketing innovations are rare - here's three to start '16...
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20:20 vision: take the over

Craft beer growth is unstoppable unless definition concerns trip it up...
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Beer vs. The World

Breweries, Beer and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Professor Charlie Bamforth closes his look at beer in the context of a wider world, this issue considering the relationship between brewing and non-alcholic drink production. The takeaway? Breweries can be used for much more than just merely brewing beer.

Cocktails, Cooking and Foreign Bodies

Professor Charlie Bamforth continues his journey in the world of long drinks, seeking production and marketing insights that might be applied in brewing. Could it be that there are commonalities between cocktails and beer?

Wisdom in Whisky

In his latest instalment, UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth samples whisky and comes up with an astonishing diversity of outside-the-box thinking for the brewing industry. Grab a pen and paper now...

How about them apples?

And while you're slurping down a sweet thirst-quenching cider over ice, pay close attention to the comparative with beer and brewing offered by UC Davis' Charlie Bamforth. While cider's production processes are relatively rudimentary, there's lots of outside the envelope suggestions to chew on here, particularly in regards to fermentation.

Gravitas: What might brewing learn from the world of wine?

The irascible Charlie Bamforth returns with the first instalment of a new series, with the good professor stepping outside the box to consider the relationship between beer and other long drinks. When it comes to wine, beer is well ahead on technical issues but in the realm of marketing – well, it’d be best to take notes
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