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Alternative Realities

Process Aids: Confusion and Consternation

Professor Charlie Bamforth concludes his look at Alternative Realities to those posited in our Brewery of the Future special issue in prickly fashion, considering the angst and uninformed hypocrisy surrounding use of process aids. Why, wonders the good professor, are some practices ruled as acceptable while very similar methods and materials are greeted with vitriolic hisses and boos?

Plastic: Too drastic for beer?

The traditionalist heart of Charlie Bamforth comes to the fore regarding all things plastic, in this installment of his continuing examination of alternative outcomes to those forecast by our ground-breaking Brewery of the Future special issue. While there are barrier properties commercially available that improve the protective performance of plastics, the good professor argues that costs relative to glass and cans, but most importantly aesthetic appeal, will continue to limit brand owner's use of the packaging.

Let's Be Clear

Kieselguhr has been the industry standard seemingly forever for filtering particles and ensuring beer clarity. Today there are challengers taking on the established practice, namely crossflow filtration. Is what's new on offer actually better, and how great are the actual challenges in DE use, wonders UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth.

Continuous Improvement?

As reported recently in Brewers' Guardian, the Brewery of the Future may well be creating products via continuous brewing. And this, cautions UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth, may not be for the best, as we drift ever further from our traditional understanding of what constitutes beer.

What does the future hold for traditional ingredients?

UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth returns with a new series, proposing alternative realities to the Brewery of the Future proposed by Brewers' Guardian at the close of 2009. The good professor argues for a continuing requirement for malted barley - yet alternatives to traditional practice fall surprisingly close to home.
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