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Charlie Bamforth

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Each year UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth graces the pages of Brewers' Guardian with his controversial wit and wisdom, dissecting the issues of the day in a series of features that are true collect 'em all classics of writing. His latest series are posted here in PDFs that can be downloaded.

Career to date

Department Chair, Food Science & Technology
University of California, Davis

July 2005 - 
January 2009

Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science
University of California, Davis

January 1999 -

Director of Membership Services
Brewing Research International

August 1997 -
December 1998

Director (previously Head) of Research
Brewing Research International

January 1991 -
July 1997

Quality Assurance Manager
Bass Brewers, Preston Brook Brewery

October 1988 -
January 1991

Research Manager
Bass Plc

February 1984-
September 1988

Senior Projects Manager
Bass Plc

April 1983 -
January 1984

Head of Malt and Wort Production
Head of Biochemistry & Biophysics
Principal Scientist
Senior Scientist
Brewing Research Foundation

June 1978 -
March 1983


The Beer World Cup

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