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Institut Francais des Boissons, de la Brasserie et de la Malterie (French Institute of Brewing and Malting)

IFBM7, rue du bois de la Champelle
BP 267
54512 Vandoeuvre Cedex, France

T: +33 (0) 383 448 819

W: (Further Education link)

M: +33 (0) 630 553 518

F: +33 (0) 383 441 290





Contact: Francoise Lacour
School established:
1893. Formerly known as Brewing School of Nancy. Became independent in 1962 and carry out research and training programmes for industrial companies (breeders, maltsters, brewers, beverage and cereal industries in France and abroad) 
Programmes offered:

• From Barley to Beer

• Advanced course in Brewing Technology

• Advanced course in Malting Technology

• Courses and advanced courses in craft malting and craft brewing technology

• Practical course for brewers (on the 30l, 1hl or 20hl pilot plant)

• Brewing technology for maltsters

• Malt and Beer Analyses

• Sensory Analysis

• Microbiology, Hygiene and HACCP
• Bottling Technology, organisation and production management

• Industrial Maintenance

• Initiation to Beerology

Custom made training to company’s specific requirements
  (French, English or German)

• Off-site training

Duration of training: One day to several weeks


Registration deadlines: At least 2 weeks before the course
Commencement: Courses all year long - see website for details

Number of participants:
Approx. 10 to 12 per course (6 for practical courses)
Where are students from:
Language of Instruction: French, English and German (possibly Spanish)
Affiliations: In 1994, IFBM created Qualtech, a company providing analytical services to the food and feed industries. Qualtech Group now represents five companies and eight labs (food safety analyses, physico chemical analyses, microbiological analyses, molecular biology analyses, sensory analyses, consulting and audits), a sigle and unique group on a national and international scale. 
Facilities: One of the most important pilot plants in the world. 1hl brewing pilot plant, 20hl brewing pilot plant, 30l brewery; micro
and pilot malting plant (from 0.5kg to 600kg Saladin); fully computerised keg and bottling line, analytical labs (physico chemical; food safety; molecular biology) and sensory booth lab

Off-campus studies: Visits of its pilot malting plant (1-ton Saladin type) and (20-hl) brewing plants, visits to nearby malting plants and breweries.

Details updated: 6th September 2017

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