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Niagara College Teaching Brewery

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The Niagara College Teaching Brewery is Canada's first and only teaching brewery, and a practical learning environment for students in Niagara College's Brewmaster/Brewery Operations Management program. Driven by the demand for skilled workers in Canada’s burgeoning craft brewing industry, the brewery answers the need for a training system that addresses all aspects of brewery education to fill industry-specific positions with qualified people who have practical experience and specialist knowledge in beer production, brewery management and product sales/marketing.

NC Teaching Brewery
135 Taylor Road
Ontario, L0S 1J0
T: +1 905 641 2252
F: +1 905 988 4317
W: /

Principal Brewing Scientist: Craig Youdale, Dean
Programme offered:

  • Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management

Registration deadlines: 15 August 2014 (for January 2015); 15 December 2014 (for May 2015); 15 April 2015 (for September 2015)
Commencement: January 2015; May 2015; September 2015
Number of students per course: 18
Where are students from:
International - but mainly from Canada and USA
Accommodation: Residence available - 100 units
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: Commercial brewery and retail shop with tasting room, chemistry and microbiology laboratories, sensory and culinary labs, commercial winery and teaching winery

Details updated: 7th September 2017

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