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Olds College Teaching Brewery

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Olds College has advanced educational facilities, providing valuable hands-on experience for future success. For almost a century, hands-on training, applied research, and innovative learning has resulted in graduates who are in-demand and have the skills and the tools they need to succeed.

Olds College4500 50th Street
Alberta, T4H 1R6
T: +1 403 556 8380
F: +1 403 556 4713


Programme Co-ordinator: Peter Johnston-Berresford

Programme offered:

  • Brewmaster & Brewery Operations and Management - Diploma, 2 year (8 months + 8 months)
  • Continuing education options undergoing development
  • Online options undergoing development
  • Research and QC/QA options available

Registration deadlines: Applications accepted starting 1st October in the year preceding entry. Now changed to a first come, first served option (no longer wait until March of following year for assessment, so timeliness of application is especially important). Requirement for a portfolio that demonstrates an interest and some minimal background in brewing. Questionnaire included.
Commencement: September each year
Number of students per course: Intake of 26 per annum, total of 52 students (1st and 2nd year)
Where are students from:
Mainly Canada and International
Accommodation: On-site residence and multiple offsite rental options
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: Teaching Brewery is approximately 2300 sq.ft. in size. Craft (larger) side is composed of a semi-automatic, 5 barrel brewhouse with 6 x 10BBL fermenters and 1 x 10BBL bright beer tank for student involvement in main brews produced for sale through retail store. In addition, 2 x 0.5BBL pilot brewhouses plus 6 1BBL fermenters for student recipe development and training. Both sets of aforementioned brewhouses driven by 15psi steam.In addition, there are 2 Brew Magic, direct (natural gas) fired 0.25BBL systems that are also used for development of student expertise. Students account for and maintain inventories, develop recipes, mill malts, mash, lauter, ferment and package (growler, keg, bottle and can). On-site 300 sq.ft. cooler plus storeroom and equipped office/brewery lab.

Details updated: 5th August 2014