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Institute of Chemical Technology Prague

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The Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) is the largest educational institution of its kind in Central Europe.

ICT PragueDepartment of Biotechnology
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6
T: +420 220 444035 / +420 220 444138
F: +420 220 445051

Department head: Prof. Ing. Jan Masak, PhD
Courses offered:

  • BSc (three years)
  • MSc (two years)
  • PhD (four years)
  • “Third age” programme for senior students
  • Various short-term courses; tailor-made courses (malting and beer science and technology, beer making, process control, quality control, sensory analysis) for individual persons, firms and institutions

Registration deadline: End of August

Commencement: mid-September
Number of students: BSc course - 80; MSc course - 50; PhD course - 20
Where are the students from: Worldwide (mostly from Czech Republic though)
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: Pilot breweries (capacity of produced beer: 30l and 110l), lab facilities including bioreactors, fluorescent microscopes, real time PCR, flow cytometer, GC/MS, HPLC, fluorescent and UV/VIS spectrometers and other devices

Details updated: 16th July 2014

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