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Malta's Simonds Farsons Cisk targets international growth ...
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Craft brewing: Italy’s Le Baladin

One of the original rock stars of Italian craft, has big ambitions ...
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20:20 vision: take the over

Craft beer growth is unstoppable unless definition concerns trip it up...
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UC Davis Extension

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Since 1958, UC Davis has offered a unique specialisation in brewing science as part of its undergraduate degree program in fermentation science.

UC Davis ExtensionUniversity of California
1333 Research Park Drive
CA 95618-4852
T: +1 530 757 8899
F: +1 530 757 8634


Principal: Michael J Lewis
Programmes offered:

  • Master Brewers Programme in Brewing Science & Brewery Engineering
  • Professional Brewers Certificate
  • Short courses: Introduction to Practical Brewing (one week); Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing (one week); Brewing Microbiology Workshop (2 days)
  • DBE Review Sessions (one week for each of the three modules)

Registration deadline: Visit our website for date details

Commencement: Visit our website for date details

Number of students: Master Brewing: 30-35; Professional Brewers
Certificate: 5-10
Where are students from: Worldwide
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: Classroom and local microbrewery

Details updated: 17th July 2014