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UC Davis Extension

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As one of the world’s most respected providers of brewing programs, UC Davis Extension offers comprehensive brewing education courses for novice and experienced brewers and brewing industry professionals.

UC Davis ExtensionUniversity of California
1333 Research Park Drive
CA 95618-4852
T: +1 530 757 8899
F: +1 530 757 8634


Principal: Michael J Lewis
Programmes offered:

·         Master Brewers Program in Brewing Science & Brewery Engineering (18 weeks)
·         Professional Brewers Certificate Program in Brewing Science & Brewery Engineering (10 weeks)
·         Short courses: Introduction to Practical Brewing (one week); Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing (one week); Brewing Microbiology Workshop (3 days); Introduction to Brewing Chemistry (1 day); Introduction to Brewing Calculations (1 day); Brewing Basics: Going Beyond the Kit (2 days),
·         DBE Review Sessions (one week for each of the three modules)

Registration deadline: Visit our website for date details

Commencement: Visit our website for date details

Number of students: Master Brewing: 30-35; Professional Brewers
Certificate: 5-10
Where are students from: Worldwide
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: Classroom and local microbrewery

Details updated: 7th September 2017

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