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Oregon State University

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Oregon, epicentre of America's microbrewing renaissance since 1983, has developed an exceptional beer culture enjoyed by consumers, brewers and scientists alike. Oregon is the second largest hop producing state in the nation, and most of the beer research conducted at Food Science revolves around hops. With approximately 82 breweries operating in Oregon, students are able to secure practical internship experiences which rounds out their academic training.

Wiegand Hall Oregon100 Wiegand Hall
OR 97331-6602
T: +1 541 737 3131 
F: +1 541 737 1877
For Program information:    

Course Co-ordinator: Prof. Tom Shellhammer  
Courses offered:

  • Brewing Science 
  • Brewing Analysis
  • Fermentation Microbiology
  • Topics in Fermentation
  • Wine Production Principles
  • Wine Production Practices &Analysis  

Programs offered: BS Food Science (Fermentation Science option); MS/PhD (Research Emphasis on Related Topics)
Applications accepted at any time but encouraged during January-March period 
Registration deadlines: Domestic - June 1st; International - April 1st
Commencement: June
Number of students:
Bachelor of Science: Approximately 94 (Brewing), 111 (Fermentation Science); MS and PhD: 6

Where are students from:
United States and International
Language of instruction:
Facilities: Pilot Plant Brewhouse/Malt House: A state-of-the-art, two-barrel, temperature-controlled brewing system is located in the pilot plant in Wiegand Hall. The brewhouse allows students to participate in the brewing process from malt milling to lagering, and is complete with packaging and pasteurization capabilities. The system also serves as a teaching tool for extension workshops and for current and new research projects. The OSU mini-malter is a fully programmable, automatic malting facility for grain (barley, wheat, sorghum, rye...). Once loaded, grains are steeped, germinated, and kilned in the same vessel

Details updated: 17th July 2014

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