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Institute of Brewing & Distilling

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The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) is a members organisation dedicated to the education and training needs of brewers & distillers and those in related industries. This is achieved by offering a range of internationally recognised qualifications and the training to support them, either through direct instruction or distance learning.

IBD44A Curlew Street
T: +44 (0)20 7499 8144
F: +44 (0)20 7499 1156

Contact: Simon Jackson

IBD Qualifications: The IBD is the provider of globally recognised qualifications in Brewing and Distilling. The entry point qualifications are the Fundamentals of Brewing & Packaging, Fundamentals of Distilling, General Certificate in Brewing (this is also available in Spanish), General Certificate in Packaging and the General Certificate in Distilling. Three diplomas are offered in Brewing, Distilling and in Beverage Packaging. The highest qualification is that of Master Brewer. All IBD qualifications are accredited by City & Guilds 

Programmes offered:

• Diploma/Master Brewer exam preparation courses
• Fundamentals of Brewing and Packaging Beer course
• Fundamentals of Distilling course
• Brewers Diary
• General Certificate in Distilling Preparation courses

• General Certificate in Spirits Packaging
• General Certificate in Malting
• Regional events/seminars
• International Conferences in UK, Asia Pacific and Africa
• Beer Academy Accredited Beer Sommelier Scheme. Foundation course, How to Judge Beer course, Beer and Food Matching, 90 minute tastings and advanced course
• Distance Learning via the IBD Distance Learning Web facility for the Diploma in Brewing, Diploma in Distilling and the Diploma in Beverage Packaging examinations

• Global network on IBD accredited trainers

• Learning zone on IBD website

Registration deadlines: Please visit the qualifications area of the IBD website for full details of application deadlines and application forms

Commencement: Exam preparation courses staged between January and April. See website for full details

Number of students: 5 up to a maximum of 25
Where are students from: Worldwide
Language of instruction: English
Web based distance learning; global network of accredited trainers; training facilities at IBD HQ; learning zone on website; on-line access to journal of the Institute of Brewing; one-stop brewing educational portal via website

Details updated: 17th July 2014

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