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Campden BRI (Nutfield)

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Brewing research remains headquartered at BRI's facilities in Surrey.

Campden BRICentenary Hall
Coopers Hill Road
Surrey RH1 4HY
T: +44 (0)1386 842104


Head of Brewing Services:
 Chris Smart
Head of Beer & Beverage Analysis: Gordon Jackson

Programmes offered:

• Brewery Microbiology - Introduction and Advanced
• Beer Labelling Requirements

Intermediate HACCP for Brewers

Yeast Management and Brewery Hygiene
• Beer Flavour Training 

• Beer Taint Workshop

• Sensory Evaluation for Brewers - an introduction

• Sensory Panel Training

• Brewing - an introduction

• Malting and Specialty malts - an introduction

Courses for Microbrewers:


• HACCP for Craft Brewers


Wines and Spirits Courses:


• Branching Out, New Product Development (NPD)

• Intermediate HACCP for Winemakers

• Product Recall, including aspects of wine quality
• Wine Analysis and Tutored Faults Tasting

• Wine Analysis and Tutored Faults Tasting - Advanced


Registration deadlines: Please visit website for details
Commencement: Please visit website for details

Number of students:
Dependent upon nature of the course, from 6 to 50
Where are students from: International brewing, malting, wine and related industries
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: Pilot maltings, roaster and brewery. Laboratories and tasting suite. 70 seat lecture theatre

Details updated: 7th September 2017

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