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University of Johannesburg

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For the University of Johannesburg being a comprehensive means that it is a university which has been afforded the license to offer both formative degree programmes and vocational programmes. As a university it takes its research component seriously and is committed to intensifying research activities and output. The “academic architecture” of the University reflects the wide-ranging undergraduate and postgraduate programmes it offers.

University of Johannesburg
P O Box 17011
2028 Johannesburg  
T: +27 11 559 6094 
F: +27 11 559 6119

Course Co-ordinator: Prof. Bob Stafford  
Courses offered:

  • Short courses in brewery and beverage engineering and technology 
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Food Technology and Biotechnology
  • Post-graduate courses (Masters and Doctoral) by research in brewery and beverage engineering and production topics 

Registration deadlines: See website/enquire for details 

Commencement: See website/enquire for details 

Number of students: Varies

Where are students from: African continent, Europe
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: PET packaging line, pilot-scale filtration (sand, ACF, IX and RO), food technology pilot-lab, micro-brewery

Details updated: 16th July 2014

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