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Scandinavian School of Brewing

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The school is a private and independent institution located in Copenhagen close to the Carlsberg Brewery

SSBGamle Carlsberg Vej 16
1799 Copenhagen V
T: +45 33 272400
F: +45 33 272401


Axel G. Kristiansen
School established: 1925. It is owned by the four Nordic brewers’ associations: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Some 40 lecturers from research centres, from the brewing industry, Copenhagen University, Microbreweries and consultants.

Programmes offered:

  • Diploma Master Brewer: A post-graduate course starting November 2014 and ending April 2015 jointly offered with Copenhagen University as part of the MSc in Brewing Science & Technology at Copenhagen University
  • A Certified Brewmaster course, modularly built, lasting 10 weeks, for students from industry, not necessarily having an academic background
  • A one-week Brewing Foundation course for commercial and administration managers in the beverage industry
  • A two-week Executive course in Beverage Industry Supply Chains
  • A two-day Pilotbrewing course
  • A one-and-a-half day cider making course for traditional cider
  • Bespoke courses in 30 different subjects, available in Europe, Asia, Africa, etc
  • A craft brewer qualification course lasting 5 + 5 + 2 days. Includes pilot brewing and training at microbreweries.

Registration deadlines:
Visit: for details
Number of students: Maximum 40 for the Diploma Master Brewer course

Where are the students/participants from: Worldwide
Accommodation: Assistance in finding accommodation is provided
Language of Instruction: English. Courses abroad offered in English with interpreter
The SSB and the University of Copenhagen offer modern and comfortable teaching rooms and syndicate rooms. Teaching is project based with frequent visits to breweries; practical team exercises for course participants

Details updated: 16th July 2014

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