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University of Perugia

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The Italian Brewing Research Centre (CERB) is the first research institute on beer in Italy. It was established in 2000.

University of PerugiaItalian Brewing Research Center
(Centro di Eccellenza per la Ricerca sulla Birra - CERB)
Via San Costanzo, n.c.n.
06126 Perugia
T: +39 075 5857946
F: +39 075 5857946

CERB Director: Prof. Paolo Fantozzi

CERB Educational Area contact: Prof. Giuseppe Perretti
Courses offered:

  • University Master (Level 1) in Brewing Technologies (6 months for teaching activities and stages)
  • How to Become a Brewer (1 week for teaching and practical)
  • Expert in Beer Tasting (3 days)
  • Specific training courses on-demand

Registration deadlines: The deadlines for the courses will be published on the CERB website

Commencement: The commencements for the courses will be published on the CERB website

Number of students: Ranges between 8-25

Where are students from: Europe (mainly Italy)
Language of instruction: Master in English. Some topics are presented in English by international experts for the other courses
Facilities: Pilot brewery, pilot malting, pilot filling, lab facilities

Details updated: 16th July 2014