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Berlin Institute of Technology (TU-B)

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Berlin Institute of Technology's Chair of Brewing Science is performing research, education, training and consulting in all fields of brewing science and technology

Berlin Institute of Technology(Technische Universitat Berlin)
Institute of Biotechnology
Chair of Brewing Science
Seestrasse 13, 13353 Berlin
T: +49 30 314 27563
F: +49 30 314 27503


Brewing science chair: Prof. Dr.–Ing, Frank-Jürgen Methner
School established: Part of Department of Food Technology and Food Chemistry

Programmes offered:

  • Brewing and Beverage Technology
    Bachelor/Master 3/5 years

  • Diploma Brewmaster (actually not possible to enscribe, planned to start with new concept in winter semester 2014)
  • Doctorate (Doctor of Engineering Services)

Registration deadlines: Diploma Brewmaster: see website for details; Bachelor: July 15th (every year); Master: January 15th for summer semester, July 1st for winter semester
Bachelor/Master winter semester: mid-October; Master summer semester: mid-April
Number of students: Diploma Brewmaster: approx. 30; Bachelor: maximum 25 per year; Master winter semester: maximum 10; Master summer semester: maximum 10
Where are students from: Germany and international
Language of instruction: All lectures in English except basic lectures which are in German. This applies to all Bachelor, Master and Diploma Brewmaster courses 
What happens next? Students mostly employed by brewing industry, malting industry, beverage and food industry, suppliers of brewing, food and beverage industry, research
Facilities: 1hl pilot brewery, 50l pilot plant, small scale pilot malting, semi-technical pilot malting 50Kg, pilot filtration, laboratory for process control systems, analytical and microbiological labs

Details updated: 16th July 2014

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