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Centro de Tecnologia Senai-RJ Alimentos e Bebidas

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SENAI-RJ - the National Industrial Training Service of the State of Rio de Janeiro has a double-edged mission: promote job skill qualification and specialization of industrial workers in the state, from blue-collar levels up to university degrees. SENAI offers companies technological solutions through consultancy programs providing counseling on technology innovations as well as technical assistance. Over the last few years, all laboratories and workshops have undergone renovations which have raised the status of the Food and Beverage, Environmental and Welding Technology Centers to technological references in Brazil

Centro de Tecnologia SenaiRua Nilo Pe
çanha 85
Rio de Janeiro
CEP: 27700-000
T: +55 21 (24) 2491 9200
F: +55 21 (24) 2491 9220


Director: Maria Lucia Telles
Executive manager: Antonio Tavares da Silva

Courses offered:

  • Technical Brewing
  • Short course in basic beer production
  • Short course in advanced beer production

Registration deadline: See website for details

Commencement: See website for details

Number of students: 25-30 average
Where are students from: Brazil, Latin America, Africa
Language of instruction: Portuguese. English/Portuguese for Certified Brewmaster course
In the school itself or in the city (all hotels are close enough to walk)
Fully equipped pilot plant for brewing from milling to filtering (500 litres/batch); a fully equipped bottling line (around 3,000BPH); fully equipped soft-drink pilot plant (500L final syrup/batch); physical, chemical and microbiological laboratories; malt and barley certified laboratories

Details updated: 16th July 2014

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