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Malta's Simonds Farsons Cisk targets international growth ...
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Craft brewing: Italy’s Le Baladin

One of the original rock stars of Italian craft, has big ambitions ...
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Three buses

Genuine marketing innovations are rare - here's three to start '16...
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20:20 vision: take the over

Craft beer growth is unstoppable unless definition concerns trip it up...
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University of Ballarat

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The University of Ballarat is Australia's only regional multi-sector university. It is the third oldest site of higher learning in Australia, and offers secondary schooling, TAFE, higher education, and research opportunities.

Ballarat University
PO Box 663
Victoria 3353
T: +61 3 5327 9243
F: +61 3 5327 9240

Course co-ordinator: Dr Peter Aldred
Courses offered:
  • Graduate Certificate of Brewing
  • Graduate Diploma of Brewing
  • Short course in Malting & Brewing
  • Short course in Distilling
  • Bachelor of Food & Nutritional Sciences 
Registration deadline: Early November for Grad Cert and Grad Dip; variable for short course
Commencement: Late February for Grad Cert and Grad Dip; variable for short course
Number of students: Maximum 30 per course
Where are students from: Asia-Pacific
Language of instruction: English
Facilities: 6hl commercial microbrewery, 1hl pilot brewery, micromalter, analytical laboratory

Details updated: 16th July 2014