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Krones upgrades swing-stopper tech

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Linatronic in action: also looks at the stopper

Pott's Brewery adds rubber seal monitor, EBI system

German swing-stop bottle specialist Pott’s Brewery has upgraded its quality control, ordering from Krones a rubber seal monitor and an empty bottle inspector.

Pott’s, based in Oelde, Westphalia, operates a 24,000bph filling line, which it uses for its own brands as well as for contract bottling both specialist beers and Beermix products.

Pott’s MD Jörg Pott commented, “We’re anticipating impeccable inspection routines and enhanced quality levels for our filled swing-stopper bottles – and we’re definitely sure that we’ll achieve these aims as well.”

Krones ModulCheck rubber seal monitor verifies the presence and correct colour of the rubber seals on the swing-stopper bottles’ porcelain heads, and does so for all positions of the rubber seal. It also detects soiling, faded rubber seals and any label residue adhering to the swing-top.

And then there are operational benefits. The ModulCheck doesn’t touch the bottles; it doesn’t consume any wear parts; and it can be easily matched to a new variant at change-overs.

As for the empty bottle inspector, Pott’s opted for the latest Krones’ model, the Linatronic 735. Its modules include base inspection, sealing-surface inspection, side-wall inspection, and lateral-neck-finish inspection. It also takes a look at the stopper itself – for example, if the clamp-type lower part of the swing-stopper and the porcelain head are on different sides of the neck area, a four-mega-pixel neck-finish camera can be relied upon to detect this fault.

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