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Sidel’s new-look PET for beer

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The label says it all: plus pasteurisation durability

Non-petaloid base offers impoved glass-style comparative

Sidel has unveiled a PET container for beer that more closely mimics the appearance of glass equivalents – one that is pasteurisable and offers up to six month’s shelf life.

The 330ml bottle has an industry first for beer, a non-petaloid base, moving the container away from the look of soft drinks and mineral waters in PET towards a more credible glass comparison. It also supports the use of a crown cap. 

Christophe Brunel, Sidel’s head of packaging care, commented, “For many consumers a petaloid base is associated with other product categories, such as carbonated soft drinks or sparkling water, and therefore when it appears on a beer bottle it can negatively affect the brand perception.

“But increasingly consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of PET, because they experience it as the preferred packaging material of choice in other food and beverage areas in their life. So to help producers and consumers alike make the transition we wanted a bottle that looked like glass, but has all the benefits of PET.”

The new-look bottle can be used for flash or tunnel pasteurised beer, as well as in microfiltration. It can withstand pressures of 20 pasteurisation units in tunnel pasteurisation and retain a stable base afterwards.

Sidel calculates that the 330ml version can achieve a six-month shelf life with less than one parts-per-million of oxygen ingress and less than 17% of carbon dioxide loss. The new bottle can be protected by a variety of solutions, such as single layer material blends or Sidel’s proprietary Actis gas-barrier technology.

It is unsurprisingly lightweight, compared to glass. Sidel reports that the new bottle weighs only 28 grams, which it calculates is up to 86% less than an average equivalent glass bottle.

Beyond the 330ml bottle, Sidel can also provide versions up to 600ml – and says that it developing even bigger sizes.


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