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Rexam’s can ink innovations

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Thermochromic inks at room temperature: 12 variations

Can end Thermochromic inks and Photochromic inks launched

Rexam, a global leader in beverage can design and manufacture, is first to market with two innovations, Thermochromic printed ends and Photochromic inks. 

Thermochromic ink changes colour with temperature changes and is normally used by brewers to signal drinkers that their beer of choice is perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy. While these inks have been in use for some time on can sides, Rexam is the first to offer this feature on 200 and 202 can ends, offering marketing managers new branding possibilities.

There are 12 colour variations available: eight no colour to colour options plus four colour to colour possibilities. A total of five colours can be printed on the end with any combination of thermo ink and standard ink possible.

Rexam is also rolling out Photochromic ink for its cans, a white transparent ink that reacts when exposed to natural daylight. (It does not react under D65 blubs or when indoors by windows.)

Photochromic inks can be used on pasteurised or non-pasteurised designs up to 82 degrees Celsius. It cannot be used on retort designs. 

Marianne Freud, Rexam’s innovation and NPD manager commented, “These two new innovations will keep our customers at the forefront of can design, tapping into a trend that focuses on interactivity between the consumer the drinking occasion and the brand.”

Rexam has 67 manufacturing plants in 24 countries and employs 11,000 people. Sales from continuing operations in 2012 totalled £4.3 billion. In addition to can manufacture it is also a leader in rigid plastic packaging for healthcare applications. 


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