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Ecuadorian deal for Pentair

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A Pentair beer membrane filtration system

Pentair sells beer filtration system to Ecuadorian brewer

Pentair Beverage Systems has supplied a beer membrane filtration (BMF) system to SABMiller subsidiary Cerveceria Nacional in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The new system replaces the brewery's diatomaceous earth (DE) filter.

This is the second Cerveceria Nacional brewery to switch from DE to BMF, said Pentair, which also supplied a BMF system to the company's production site in Quito. 

SABMiller has undertaken to replace DE systems with a more sustainable technology across its businesses. In the case of Cerveceria Nacional, Pentair supplied a fully automated turnkey membrane filtration line, including unfiltered and filtered beer tanks, membrane filter skids with an output of 400 hl/h, security filter and a cleaning in place (CIP) unit. 

The system was installed late last year and at present 75% of the beer produced at Guayaquil is filtered with BMF. The system's compact modular design makes it possible to filter more beer in a smaller footprint than other technologies. 

"SABMiller continuously looks for innovative solutions that provide sustainability benefits and help to optimise production processes", said Gustavo Guimas, manufacturing vice president at Cerveceria Nacional. "Pentair's BMF fits our strategy well as this technology eliminates the necessity of diatomaceous earth, decreases solid waste and at the same time offers easy handling and a constant beer quality. In addition, water consumption and beer losses are reduced."

About Pentair Beverage Systems

Pentair Beverage Systems is a global specialist in diatomaceous earth (DE) free beer membrane filtration, brewery and beverage plant projects, and standardised units for a variety of industries. 

About Cerveceria Nacional

Founded in 1887 in Guayaquil, Ecuador's Cerveceria Nacional became part of the SABMiller portfolio in 2005. It has two breweries and two bottling plants. With an annual capacity of approximately five million hectoliters, the brewery in Guayaquil produces a wide range of beer brands including Pilsener, Pilsener Light, Club Premium and Dorada.

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