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Foil linings make the difference

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The Ecodraft range represents an 'unbeatable concept'

It's the foil lining that sets its new kegs apart, says maker

Belgium's Cardiff Group is launching a range of plastic kegs which will, it says, offer brewers a 'technically and commercially unbeatable concept.'

The kegs - in both one-way and reusable formats - feature a double bag system made from laminated foil. Invented and patented by the team at Cardiff Group - all of them with brewing backgrounds - it blocks O2 and CO2 penetration and can be extended up to 12 times its original size without damaging its barrier properties. This gives beer stored in the containers a two-year shelf life, according to the company's commercial manager Herman Standaert. 

In developing the new containers, the Cardiff Group has tried, said Standaert, to address the problems associated with stainless steel kegs, namely expense and difficulties around export. The latter is particularly significant in Belgium he said, where 70% of beer is produced for the export market.

The new Ecodraft and Ecokeg ranges are, said their makers, extremely solid and cannot be compressed. They work with all standard couplings and can be filled manually or on existing filling lines. 

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