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Rexam opens new line

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Sanjay Bhatia and Graham Chipchase in Taloja

Rexam has inaugurated a new line at its Indian site

Beverage can maker Rexam has inaugurated a new line at its plant in Taloja, Maharashtara. 

The new high speed production line - launched as part of a joint venture with Hindustan Tin Works - cost £30m and will increase capacity at the plant to around 950 million cans per year. 

"Rexam is very pleased and proud to be opening this new state of the art aluminium beverage can line at our plant in Taloja", said chief executive Graham Chipchase. "This investment is fully in line with our strategy to grow in faster moving markets. It will support and enable us to take advantage of the exciting opportunities the Indian market has for beverage can packaging."

The first beverage can maker to enter the Indian market, Rexam has been active there since 2007. 

Helping Chipchase inaugurate the new line, Sanjay Bhatia, chairman of Rexam HTW India, said: "We at Hindustan Tin Works are delighted to be in a joint venture with Rexam in this new two-piece beverage can investment at our existing location in Taloja. We look forward to continuing our work with Rexam to build a growing and successful business."

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