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Underdog offers record £12,500 hop prize

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Record prize on offer: cash and travel combination

The challenge: make the most of Mandarina Bavaria

This time around the featured hop is Mandarina Bavaria. Although a relatively recent entry to the world of commercially available hop varieties and, as the name suggests, capable of producing interesting orange/citrus flavours, it has yet to set the world on fire.

And this is a situation that Simply Hops, the backer of Underdog, wants to change.

“We don’t get a lot of beers that are really displaying Mandarina Bavaria on their own. It’s used in combination with other hops,” said Simply Hops craft marketing manager Daniel Christmas

“It’s never really used as the star of the show and we would like to try and see more of it used that way.”

The competition rules require Mandarina Bavaria make up at least 50% of the total hop addition in brewing either an IPA or, in another new wrinkle for this competition, a pale ale.

The twist is that brewers are not permitted to use the most popular, in demand hop varieties associated with these beer styles, namely Amarillo, Ekuanot, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic or Simcoe. Natural adjuncts may be used with all other ingredients at the brewer’s digression.

All of which leaves the prize package. The winning beer will receive a £2,500 prize that will be paid to the brewery. The balance comprises a £10,000 travel package that will be made available to cover accommodation, subsistence, travel and entry costs to events and trips that will be agreed by Simply Hops with the winner. The funds must be spent within a year after winning Underdog.

The competition is open to breweries that are operating as a registered business within the European Union, Scandinavia and South Africa. 

The deadline for entry registration is 31st January with beers expected to be received by Simply Hops mid- March (although potentially later). Entrants will be able to obtain up to 25kg of Mandarina Bavaria at a 40% discount.

Details on how to enter your beer(s) can be found here. Good luck!

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