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Carling launched in India

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At the launch: Molson Coors looks to expand footprint

UK's leading lager now in five markets

All hands at the launch: (from left) Julian Evans, Acting British High Commissioner to India; Ravi Kaza, President, Molson Coors Cobra India; Kandy Anand, president and chief executive officer, Molson Coors International; and Torsten Kuenzlen, chief marketing and commercial officer, Molson Coors International


Beer brewed in England is making its way once again to India. But today it is not, as traditional would have it, an India Pale Ale. Rather it is Carling, England’s leading lager brand for the past 30 years that is making its way to tempt the subcontinent’s beer drinkers.

Molson Coors Cobra, the joint venture between Molson Coors International and Cobra Beer India Pvt, is beginning to import Carling as part of its plan to expand their brand portfolio and geographic footprint in the country. 

Molson Coors International president Kandy Anand commented, “As one of the largest beer markets in Asia, India presents an excellent opportunity for us to expand our global footprint. Our joint venture with Cobra India has seen the successful growth of existing brands in the market and we are confident in the opportunity Carling presents as a premium lager in this growing market.”

Carling is being marketed on its heritage, with a campaign theme of ‘Brilliantly British’ and its leading brand status in the United Kingdom will be emphasised. It will be sold at 5% abv in 300ml bottles and be available initially in five markets – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa and Hyderabad.

Molson Coors Cobra was formed in 2011, with its headquarters in Mumbai and a single brewery, located in the state of Bihar. It currently produces two strong beers, King Cobra Superior and Iceberg 9000, for the Indian market.

There’s no word as yet as to whether additional brands from the Molson Coors global portfolio will be launched in India.




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