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Coopers racks up sales record

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Coopers HQ: "pleasing" result in declining market

Australian brewer surpasses 700,000hl in 2013

Coopers continues to make inroads in a declining Australian beer market, establishing an annual sales record by surpassing 700,000 hectolitres during 2013.

Sales reached 720,000hl during the year, a 4.7% increase on the 688,000hl sold in calendar year 2012. December 2013 was the brewer’s best month ever with 85,500hl sold, 13% up on the previous record holder of December 2012.

Managing director Dr Tim Cooper described the result as “pleasing”, especially so in a declining beer market. “Coopers has enjoyed average growth of more than 9.8% per year for the past 20 years and now represents more than 4.5% of the total Australian beer market.

“A significant portion of our growth for 2013 can be attributed to our international beer portfolio, as well as good growth from the mid-strength Coopers Mild Ale. Strong sales in Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale also drove the volume increase.” 

Coopers brews Carlsberg and Sapporo under contract and also distributes Mythos and Kronenbourg 1664 through its distribution company Coopers Premium Beverages. 

For the six months to December 31 2013, Coopers’ sales grew by 6.3% over the previous period in 2012. International brands increased in volume by 157%, and Mild Ale by 25%.

The biggest increase in sales came from Victoria, up 15.4%, then Queensland, up 12.1%, and then Western Australia, up 9.4%, while beer exports increased 23.1%. South Australia remains Coopers’ largest market, representing 26.9% of sales, just ahead of New South Wales at 26.0%. Exports represent 2.4% of sales.

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