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Bofferding's new one-way look

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Embossing to the fore: less costly than previous

Refreshed SKU takes on challenge of cans

Brasserie Nationale is refreshing the look of its one way bottles for Bofferding, its 4.8% abv flagship pilsner, responding to the challenge increasingly posed by competing products packaged in cans.

The bottles are used in a single SKU, six packs with secondary packaging covering the new look. Consumers have been altered to the change by advertising. According to marketing director Thierry Krombach, post launch research surveys have indicated a positive response. 

“The one-way bottle has a different selling proposition, as it is sold in six-packs instead of 24 cases,” said Krombach. “It is hence more in competition with cans. We notice a general trend towards cans which goes against the one-way bottle.”

The launch is also part of Brasserie Nationale’s innovation drive. The liquid that comprises Bofferding is sacrosanct and so packaging takes on the heavy lifting of keeping the brand fresh. This is in contrast to BN’s other brand, higher strength 5.2% abv Battin, which has been used to launch a number of brand extensions of late, most recently Blanche, a wheat beer. 

Krombach confirmed, “The idea is to keep innovation in the packaging, since we are not currently launching new Bofferding beers.”

Previously Bofferding has had an aluminium bottle launched, and in 2012 new plastic cartons for its returnable bottles were brought to market. Bofferding is Luxembourg’s leading beer brand with volumes approaching 100,000 hectolitres annually. 

Even with the embossing, Brasserie Nationale is doing better on unit cost with the new bottle. Krombach explained, “The old one had three labels; the new one has one and actually is cheaper than the old one.”

The 330ml bottles weigh just 205gm and are manufactured by Ardagh Group at the company’s Bad Münder plant in Germany.

Brasserie National celebrates its 250th anniversary next year. As Luxembourg’s leading brewer, it was instrumental in ensuring the success of the recent European Brewing Congress that was held in the country. 

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