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IBA names Champions

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Boston Beer's David Grinnell with Thomas Raiser of Joh. Barth

International competition reveals best of the best


The International Brewing Awards has named their Champion beers – and cider – for 2013 in a ceremony in London this week.

Each of the Champions was uppermost amongst the gold medal-winning entries in the IBA’s beer style competitions, where entries are grouped in categories according to alcoholic strengths. The individual gold, silver and bronze category medallists were named at the conclusion of judging in February at Burton on Trent, England.

The winning beers, cider and their producers are as follows: 

Champion Smallpack Lager: Bryggmästarens Premium Gold, AB Åbro Bryggeri, Sweden

Champion Smallpack Ale: Mirror Pond Ale, Deschutes Brewery, USA

Champion Keg Ale: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, United States

Champion Keg Lager: Hells Lager, Camden Town Brewery, United Kingdom

Champion Non- and Low Alcohol Beer: Northern Light, Daniel Thwaites, United Kingdom

Champion Dark Beer: Obsidian Stout, Deschutes Brewery, United States

Champion Strong Beer: Narwhal Imperial Stout, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, United States

Champion Speciality Beer: Samuel Adams Black & Brew, Boston Beer Company, United States

Champion Cask Ale: Green Devil IPA, Oakham Ales, United Kingdom

Champion Cider: Thatchers Vintage Cider, Thatchers Cider Ltd, United Kingdom

The IBA, which came to life as the Brewing Industry International Awards in the 1880s, are staged every two years. This edition of the awards attracted close to 1,000 entries sent in from 45 countries. Mark this on your date planner: entries for the 2015 awards open in August 2014. 



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