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Brands old, brands new boost Veltins

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Grevensteiner soars: sales up 57.5% in '16

North Rhine-Westphalia brewer reports record volumes

Germany’s family-owned C&A Veltins celebrated record beer volumes in 2016. And while the gain wasn’t great in percentage terms, up 2.4% to 2.85 million hectolitres, the result was achieved in the context of a declining German beer market.

Brewing-related turnover reached €315m, a 1.9% gain over 2015’s performance. Bundling in all of Veltins’ activities – holdings in drinks wholesalers, specialist retailers and logistics – boosts Veltins overall turnover to €812m.

Veltins Pilsner accounted for the vast majority of sales, with its volumes also up 2.4% to 2.22mhl. The star performer was speciality beer Grevensteiner Original. Launched in 2014, sales climbed by 57.5% during 2016, admittedly off a small base, to an estimated 142,500 hectolitres.

Amongst packaging formats, cans continue to make a comeback, with sales of the format up 29% to 159,300hl. And on-trade sales of draft beer, in around 14,000 pubs, restaurants and special events, rose by 0.6% to 485,100hl.

In 2016 Veltins replaced its three 620hl lauter tuns at a cost of €3m. It also installed a new keg filling plant that increased capacity by 20% over the previous kit.

Looking ahead, Veltins plans to upgrade further its logistics facilities, with €9m to be invested over the next few years. It also has plans for a new building to house its IT and purchasing departments. The transmission station for the brewery’s power supply will also be updated to ensure its energy supply.



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