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BrewDog mixes wit, PR moxy

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BrewDog founders Martin Dickie and James Watt

'Vote Sepp' Scottish brewer's latest political protest beer

Label it witty political commentary, a brewer who recognises the value of headline-grabbing publicity, or simply an excuse to brew a craft beer – not that one is necessary – the boys of BrewDog are at it again.

Taking note of allegations of corruption and bribery within FIFA and the widespread questioning of Qatar’s ability to host football’s World Cup come 2022, the Scottish brewers have come up with a beer in honour of beleaguered FIFA president Sepp Blather.

Vote Sepp is described as the first bribe in craft beer form, intended to convince FIFA president Blather to award BrewDog’s native Scotland the 2022 World Cup in place of Qatar. Vote Sepp will be served from brown envelopes in BrewDog bars – with the tongue-in-cheek brewer keeping a ‘tight lid’ on will the profits will go.

According to BrewDog, the 5% ABV hibiscus wit beer is ‘best served from brown envelopes to aid drinking with greased palms’ and the artwork features a likeness of the FIFA President in the style of Barack Obama’s iconic 2008 campaign posters.

For good measure, the brewery has sent a case of Vote Sepp to the FIFA President in Zurich, along with an invitation to discuss their bid at the BrewDog bar in Sao Paulo, which opened in January this year.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said, “We’d like to extend an invitation to Mr Blatter and his associates for a meeting at our Sao Paulo bar whilst they are in Brazil, to discuss the bid over a few bottles of Vote Sepp. We have a special back room where we can conduct our business in private. We won’t be disturbed."
This isn’t the first instance where BrewDog has mixed beer with amusing political protest. During the Sochi Winter Olympics in February, the brewery launched Hello My Name is Vladimir, the world’s first protest beer. As well as claiming the beer is ‘not for gays’, the label carried a garish Warhol-style image of Russian president Valdimir Putin wearing eye shadow and lipstick, with a warning that the beer ‘may contain traces of sarcasm’.

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