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Ziemann adds to Piedras N. cold block

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The tank farm: larger vessels manufactured on site

Electrical work is underway and on schedule

Work on the 10 million hectolitre expansion of Constellation Brand’s brewery in Piedras Negras, Mexico is progressing.

The latest development has Ziemann completing the expansion of the cold block, with 100 tanks with capacities of up to 12,300 hectolitres now in place. 

All tanks with diameters of 10 metres and six metres were manufactured on site. A further 16 tanks with 6.4 metre diameters and 12 tanks with 3.9 metre diameters were delivered completed to Piedras Negras. 

Ziemann’s sales manager for Latin America, Ralph Schneller-Reindell, explained, “We have manufactured 71 tanks on site in Piedras Negras and have installed, insulated and supplied with pipes a total of 100 tanks.

“The electrical installation has started in parallel and now merges into the signal tests and the commissioning of the brewery. We are exactly on schedule.”

The 10mhl expansion is to be followed by a further 5mhl expansion, raising the brewery’s overall capacity to 25mhl. It supplies Corona, Modelo Especial and other leading Mexican brands for the US market, with Constellation having acquired the rights to Modelo’s brand portfolio – and requirement to have a matching ability to brew the brands – following AB InBev’s acquisition of the remaining shares of Grupo Modelo.

The overall expansion of Piedras Negras is expected to be completed in 2017. 

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