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New Belgium progresses in NC

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Arial view of Asheville, NC brewery, Dec. 2014

Brewhouse vessels begin arriving on-site

The pace of work is picking up at New Belgium’s revitalised brownfield brewery in Asheville, North Carolina. This week the brewhouse vessels, a 200 hectolitre system supplied by GEA Brewery Systems, are expected to start arriving at their new home on Craven Street.

The vessels were shipped from Kitzingen, Germany to Wilmington, North Carolina, with their arrival scheduled for mid-December, and then transported by road in oversized trucks this month. The largest of the shipments will be the lauter tun, which measures 22 feet long by 22 feet wide and 15 feet high within its shipping crate.

Brewing manager Alex Dwoinen said, “This is a real milestone in the process of building our east coast home and an exciting way to kick off 2015.”

Fermentation vessels and bright beer tanks, which measure up to 75 feet in height, will begin to arrive in the spring. There will be 30 tanks installed in total, six of which will be bright beer tanks.

Local hiring has also begun this week in Asheville. During 2015 New Belgium expects to fill about 50 full-time positions, the majority being in production, production support, logistics, and tasting room and tour guides.

As the brewery commences operations it is expected that the number of full-time hires will grow to around 140 employees. Brewing is expected to begin in late 2015, with capacity at 500,000 barrels annually. 

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