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Carlsberg invests in Norwegian brewery

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Current EC Dahls brewery: new facility opens in 2016

Brewery to be built on current site in Trondheim

The Carlsberg Group has announced plans to invest NOK 110 million (£10.3m) in a brewery and beer centre in Trondheim, Norway.

The new E.C. Dahls Brewery will be built on the existing historic city site, which dates back to 1856, and will open in 2016.

It represents one of the largest investments by the brewer's Norweigan unit, Ringnes.The brewery will brew and Dahls and other beers, in both draught and disposable glass bottles.

Ringnes CEO Jacek Pastuszka said the aim was to create the "number one beer centre in Norway", producing beer and craft beer.

"We have reached a historic solution for E.C.Dahl, offering Trondheim a sustainable and exciting brewery and a living beer centre for the future," he said. 

In addition, the site will house a microbrewery, a brewpub, a restaurant, a visitor centre and conference facilities.

The E.C. Dahls Brewery was founded by local businessman Erich Christian Dahl in 1856. The brewery was acquired by Ringnes in 1987, before Carlsberg acquired sole ownership of Ringnes in 2004. Ringnes has three other breweries in Larvik, Imsdal and just outside Oslo. 

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