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Molson Coors opens energy centre

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Celso White, global chief supply chain officer, does honours

Brewer steps up investment at Burton brewery

Molson Coors has opened a new energy centre at its Burton brewing complex in England that will reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions.

The energy centre will mean a 4.5 million kWh reduction in energy use, enough to power 7,500 street lamps. Carbon emissions are expected to be cut by 6.5%, equivalent to the energy use of 337 houses annually.

The new centre is part of a five year capital investment plan to modernise Burton’s brewing infrastructure and technology. It also supports the company’s global mandate to cut energy consumption by 25% and greenhouse gases by 15% by 2020.

Molson Coors supply chain director Jim Shaw commented, “The new energy centre is a huge milestone for us, and the investment reflects our continued commitment to the brewing industry here in the UK.

“Modernising our infrastructure and technology enables us to become more efficient and flexible in our delivery.”

Molson Coors is committed to investing more than £75 million in the brewery, including £21 million on a high-speed bottling line. This year £28 million will be spent on modernising the fermentation and filtration functions in the north brewery.

The brewery has already reduced its secondary packaging weight by 63% and its carbon emissions by four percent as a result of the introduction of a new shrink wrap facility in 2012.


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