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ABL honoured in Ghana

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Accra Brewery Ltd cited for sustainable manufacturing

The Association of Ghana Industries has honoured Accra Brewery Limited with an award for Best Practices in Sustainable Manufacturing.

ABL, a subsidiary of SABMiller, has cut its water consumption over the past three years from 10.34 hl:hl of beer produced to a more acceptable 4.79 hl:hl. It has also cut the brewery’s energy consumption from 250 MJ/hl to 205 MJ/hl.

Corporate and legal affairs director Adjoba Kyiamah received the award on behalf of ABL. “We are encouraged by this award as a spur on to greater heights,” she said. “ABL will continue to remain committed to a sustainable way of doing business in Ghana. I dedicate this award to all employees and management of ABL who have been working hard for us to stay on course.”

ABl has several sustainability initiatives underway at this time beyond conserving water and reducing energy use. It is recycling bottles and reducing brewery waste. In the community it encourages enterprise development, works with retailers on responsible alcohol retailing programmes, and has contributed substantially to reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS. 

In November ABL began an expansion of its brewery to increase capacity. The project is said to factor in the protection of the environment in all its emissions. A waste water treatment plant with a yeast digester is to be constructed. 

This is the second time in as many years Accra Brewery Limited has been honoured by the AGI. In the trade association’s inaugural awards in 2012, it was named Best Company Employer.


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