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SABMiller enviro work on track

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Washing down at Ndola Brewery in Zambia

SABMiller makes gains in environmental performance

SABMiller this week published its annual sustainable development report, revealing progress is being made in environmental performance with the multinational brewer using less water and energy while reducing carbon emissions.

Working from a 2008 baseline, water efficiency has improved by 20%, in 2012-13 to an average of 3.7 hectolitres per hectolitre of beer produced. The brewer says that it is on track to meet its 2015 target of a 3.5hl:hl average across its production network. Twenty-five plants have already achieved this target with six plants below 3.0hl:hl. In Australia, Carlton & United Breweries’ Yatala Brewery is using just 2.3hl:hl, less than the 6.0hl:hl ratio required when it first began operation 15 years ago. 

SABMiller reduced year-on-year energy requirements for production, using 8% less per hectolitre produced compared to 2012. The company says that renewable and alternative energy sources are being utilised where possible. 

CO2 equivalent emissions from fossil energy on site use have similarly been reduced by 10% compared to the previous year. SABMiller breweries now average ratio of 11.1kgCO2e:hl lager produced, down from the 14.9 baseline ratio in 2008.

Of course, there’s more to sustainability than environmental prowess, and the SABMiller sustainable development report details initiatives from around the world. A link on the brewer’s website for a downloadable copy can be found here.

Photo credit: OneRedEye

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