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Your week in Munich is only partially about what's in the exhibition halls ...
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Exhibitors: what’s hot at drinktec

There are 1,500 stories to be told. Here are some of the most compelling...
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Three buses

Genuine marketing innovations are rare - here's three to start '16...
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20:20 vision: take the over

Craft beer growth is unstoppable unless definition concerns trip it up...
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Past Issues - 2011

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Brewers' Guardian issues from 2011 including features information. Back copies are available to order - please e-mail with details of issues required and we will get back to you.


November/December 2011

BG Nov-Dec 2011Cover Story:
Shekhar Ramamurthy, United Breweries

As competitors scramble for advantage, United Breweries Ltd is breaking away from the pack. Deputy president Shekhar Ramamurthy explains how it is being done to Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson. LINK




Company Profile: StarBev

There's a new multinational brewer in town: StarBev is spreading its wings across central and eastern Europe and, as Glynn Davis reports, may soon be further afield. LINK

Brau Beviale 2011

Make the most of your frenetic time in Nuremberg. Brewers' Guardian's guide to the exhibition highlight of the year for the latest developments and trends in the production and marketing of beer.

Nil CO2 brewing - Gösser brewery

Hidden away in the Austrian countryside is what might well be the answer to a CO2 neutral brewery. Peter Haydon discovers an evangelical passion for the environment. LINK

Hop Market Report

Alpha acid is in abundance but for some niche aroma varieties demand exceeds supply many times over. Report by Rebecca Evans. LINK

Spent Grains

For generations a dietary staple of livestock, uses of spent brewer's grains are being reconsidered. David Cook of the University of Nottingham writes that the brewery of today could be reinvented as a 'biorefinery'. LINK

Beer vs. The World - part 5

UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth wraps up his series on beer's place in a universe of competing tastes, this time considering non-alcoholic drinks. Why, he muses, doesn't the industry make more of these opportunities? LINK

Guest Columnist

German brewers who continue to interpret the Reinheitsgebot as the 'Einheitsgebot', or 'Uniformity Law', will struggle to prosper, argues der Bierpapst, Conrad Seidl. LINK


September/October 2011

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: Jim Koch, Boston Beer

Throughout the past 27 years Boston Beer and founder Jim Koch have been synonymous with innovation in brewing. As Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson reports, fresh thinking - rather, rethinking beer freshness - remains the order of the day. LINK




US Craft Brewing

If you think that the market for American craft beers is booming now, buckle your seatbelts: there's an explosion of new entrants coming on stream, with more than 750 breweries in planning. Jay R Brooks considers the phenomena that is craft beer. LINK

International Brands

Multinational brewers are investing millions to ensure their flagship brands are global properties with scalable volumes. The mystery, of course, is where the best return on marketing investment exists. Marketing editor Pete Brown considers the options.

Environmental Packaging

If there's one choice that bedevils brewers, it's getting the right mix of packaging formats, a formulation made more difficult with an increased awareness of environmental performance. Glynn Davis sorts the claims from the counter-claims. LINK

Wastewater & Biogas

With pressure ever-increasing on energy costs and waste water discharge, brewers are investigating afresh the potential for biogas production. As Peter Haydon discovers, the underlying issue is expanded use of treated water in production processes. LINK

Beer vs. The World - part 4

UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth continues his exploration of beer and brewing in the context of a wider world, finding that when it comes to spirits, beer falls short in sophistication - but there are lessons to be gleaned. LINK

Guest Columnist

Import set the stage, raising expectations about beer quality, but their role in inspiring the craft brewing movement was less than might be imagined, writes Julie Johnson. LINK


July/August 2011

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: Tom de Man, Heineken

Heineken's regional president for Africa & the Middle East retires this summer, with Tom de Man capping a 40-year career with acquisitions in Nigeria and Ethiopia. But his passion remains for the continent and its people, as he tells Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson. LINK




Marketing in Africa

SABMiller is developing beers from locally grown ingredients to encourage entry but as editor Larry Nelson discovers the issues of marketing beer are remarkably similar to elsewhere. LINK

New Competitors

Private equity concerns have been paying increasing attention to normally dismissed as 'low risk, low return' brewing assets. Glynn Davis asks if they're in for the long-haul. LINK

Labelling Innovation

The rise in demand for pressure sensitive labelling applications has bounced back, as capex is being invested once again in labelling equipment. Rebecca Evans reports. LINK

Training & Education 2011-12

The world's leading brewing schools are asked the big three questions on delivery of education and its standardisation. As Kamini Dickie discovers, there's a diversity of opinion on offer. LINK

Beer vs. The World - part 3

In his latest chapter on what lessons the brewing industry might learn from the producers of other alcoholic drinks. UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth turns his attention to whisky. LINK

Guest Columnist

South Africa is already the continent's economic engine, yet with room to grow. As such, there's potential for the country's brewing industry, writes Gareth Pearson. LINK


May/June 2011

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: Tennent's 

It has been less than two years since Dublin's C&C Group acquired the Scottish assets of A-B InBev, namely the nation's leading beer brand and largest brewery. In surprisingly short order both have been reinvigorated. Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson reports on how it was done - and what's next. LINK




EBC Glasgow Preview

Welcome to Scotland, where the welcome is warm and friendly - Glasgow welcomes one and all. Make the most of your time and check in here first for our run down on who's manning the EBC exhibition stands during the week and what's first and foremost amongst their offerings. Capsules by Kamini Dickie. LINK

West Brewery

If you are not familiar with Glasgow's leading brewery-restaurant, you certainly will be by the closing ceremony of EBC. Run by the irrepressible Petra Wetzel, her views on great beer and what makes a good business mark the brewery an up-and-comer on the British brewing scene. Larry Nelson welcomes the joys of Reinheitsgebot.

Environmental Performance

It is agreed, really an article of faith within the brewing industry that cuts need to be made in water and energy use in production processes. But how does one get beyond the gradualism of 2% annual gains and achieve real step change. Glynn Davis surveys the latest thinking. LINK

Beer vs. The World - part 2

You might not think there's a lot for brewers to take on board from the less exhaustive requirements of cider making - but you would be wrong. UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth digs to the bottom of the barrel, coming up with outside the envelope thinking on brewing production: dried yeast, anyone? LINK

Guest Columnist

They are not yet endangered species, far from it, but commercial pressures and industry consolidation provides reasons for not attending scientific gatherings such as EBC Glasgow. For shame, writes Kamini Dickie - here's why such conferences remain the life blood of the industry. LINK


March/April 2011

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: CR Snow 

China is the world's largest market for beer and no brewer is bigger than China Resources Snow Breweries, the SABMiller-CR Enterprise JV. Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson met Ari Mervis, managing director of SABMiller Asia, to find out how CR Snow has rocketed to its number one ranking, and what happens next. LINK




China Market Trends

Given the variety of players and the geographic vastness of the market, the Chinese market is surprisingly consolidated, with the top four brewers accounting for more than 60% of beer volumes. While further consolidation should be expected, writes Glen Steinman, who the winners will be is by no means certain. LINK

Interpack Preview

Interpack, the premier exhibition for all things packaging, entices one and all with an interest in what's new, different - and simply works well. Make the most of your time with our look at what matters most for the brewing industry. LINK

Brewing Innovation

Innovation has been applied to all manner of product launches, with many underserving of this over-used accolade. Brewers' Guardian marketing editor Pete Brown whips out his dictionary to explain all. LINK

Hop Market Report

Hop prices are low as brewers mop up the oversupply from the 2010 harvest. Suppliers are looking to restructure contracts and growers are cutting back acreage. Rebecca Evans reports. LINK

Beer vs. The World - part 1

UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth returns with a new series, this year examining the relationship between beer and other alcoholic drinks. When it comes to wine, writes the good professor, vintners could learn a thing or two about yeast and fermentation but when it comes to marketing... LINK

Guest Columnist

Many happy returns - Britain's Campaign for Real Ale celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Founder Michael Hardman MBE traces CAMRA's rise to prominence. LINK


January/February 2011

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: AmBev 

AmBev, Brazil's market leader, didn't reach number one status by accident - this is a well-oiled operation, one prepared to invest billions to expand capacity while at the same time develop its brand portfolio. Tom Johnson reports from Brazil on how it's done. LINK




Heineken Brazil

When Heineken trumpeted its acquisition of FEMSA, much was said about Mexican prospects and not so much about Brazil. Today, writes Tom Johnson, there's confidence building that logistics strengths and targeted marketing will make in-roads against a dominant competitor. LINK

Brazilian Microbreweries

Lagers run the table amongst beer styles in Brazil, but for the uninitiated there's a boom in microbrewing, with more than 100 operating in the country. There's the best of the world's beer styles on offer, reports Andy Howitt. LINK

Water Footprints

There was a time when economists described air and water as 'free resources'. Today, while carbon dioxide emissions and global warming are established concepts, our understanding of water use is less so. Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson considers water footprinting. LINK

Social Media

There's a blind spot amongst brand managers, an ignorance or unwillingness to engage with consumers on social networking sites. Craft brewers - even soft drink producers - are well ahead, finds astonished marketing editor Pete Brown.

Guest Columnist

Does the 21st century belong to Brazilians? An emerging middle class, abundant natural resources and a new sense or worldliness all suggest as much. Now, says Cilene Saorin, people are celebrating with beer in new, more sophisticated fashions. LINK

The Beer World Cup

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