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Past Issues - 2010

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Brewers' Guardian issues from 2010 including features information. Back copies are available to order - please write to with details of issues required.


November/December 2010

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: Grupo Modelo 

Mexico's market leader is justifiably excited about its new 10mhl mega-brewery in Coahuila state, hard against the United States border. As Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson discovers, the brewery is just part of Modelo's drive to stay at the forefront of brewing technology. 




German Consolidation

It has been almost a decade since Interbrew and Heineken entered the German market, sparking predictions of inevitable industry consolidation. But the process stalled: Germany today still boasts over 1,300 breweries. Simon Jones investigates.


The biermix segment pioneer is seeking new markets outside Germany but remains ever mindful that the largest percentage of its business is within an hour's drive from its brewery, writes editor Larry Nelson.

Brau Beviale 2010 Preview

Make the most of your time in Nuremberg during the frenetic three days of Brau Beviale. We have compiled a visitor's list of what you need to see and do, and where to go after the show closes. Listings and information researched by Rebecca Evans.

Hop Market Report

Something akin to equilibrium is stirring between hop supply and demand, thanks to reduced plantings in the American northwest. Is it time for German growers to step up and do the same, asks Rebecca Evans.

Alternative Realities

UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth wraps up his series on alternative outcomes to those presented in Brewers' Guardian's Brewery of the Future in a characteristically feisty mood. Why, when it comes to process aids, are their critics so inconsistent in their opinions? Link

Guest Columnist

In a world where consumers are ever more discerning about the products they choose, its time for brewers to move on from 'best malt and hops' on their packaging, replacing it with as much raw materials information as possible, says Conrad Seidl. Link


September/October 2010

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: Brian Duffy - Guinness

Guinness is a brand with tremendous equity - research shows that affection for the brand is well in excess of actual purchases. While it's a good place to start, it remains for global brand director Brian Duffy and his team to convert that affinity to action. Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson travelled over to St. James's Gate, Dublin to find out more. 




Sustainability Reports

The latest round of the Big Four's sustainability reports are compared and contrasted by a team of reporting standard experts at Ernst & Young. While there's a lot to recommend, there are still instances of different standards in place muddying comparisons. Nancy Kamp-Roelands, Doug Johnston and Eric Dierckx report.

The Future of NABLABs

No- and low-alcohol beers have been gaining some traction of late in several markets but there's one country where NABLABs have been embraced by consumers like no other. Michel Cruz reports from Spain on the rise of low alcohol refreshment.

Packaging Innovation

The environmental agenda is driving change everywhere in production processes, and no less so than in packaging halls. Rebecca Evans checks in with suppliers to find out what's new and innovative.

Alternative Realities

There's been no end of optimism regarding the potential of beer packaged in plastic, not least Brewers' Guardian in its Brewery of the Future issue. Not so fast, warns professor Charlie Bamforth - plastics have been a slow-burn for very good reasons. Link

Guest Columnist

The fortunes of the British brewing industry can be described politely as gruesome of late, but there's a silver lining. The country's most traditional of beer styles, cask ale, is in growth. Brewers' Guardian marketing editor Pete Brown considers the implications. Link


July/August 2010

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: Zero Waste Brewing - MillerCoors

Reusing and recycling solid waste - all waste - isn't an impossibility but it takes a team effort and commitment. Welcome to Trenton, Ohio, where 99.8% of solid waste from the MillerCoors' brewery is being put to use. Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson met up with Denise Quinn and Kelly Harris to find out more. 





As production begins at Grupo Modelo's Piedras Negras brewery, at 10mhl capacity now but moving towards 30mhl, it's an opportune moment to consider the operational issues such as behemoths offer, and what is a brewery's optimal size. As Richard Brass discovers, opinions differ on the subject.

Beer and Food

After years in the wilderness, the pairing of beer with food is no longer a matter of lip service, rather an emerging reality for brand owners and those in the horeca/on-trade. This once neglected occasion is now being developed worldwide, Glynn Davis finds, thanks in part to formalised training.

Training and Education

We all have vivid memories of our school days, of lessons enjoyed, professors respected, and classmates' camaraderie. And then, let loose in the world, what happened next? For our annual look at training and education issues, Kamini Dickie spoke to a number of graduates about life after academia. (click here to visit our training and education listings)

Alternative Realities

The move to crossflow filtration isn't entirely to the liking of UC Davis' Charlie Bamforth in this issue's reflection on Brewers' Guardian's Breweries of the Future. Kieselguhr, the industry standard, didn't achieve that status due to to underperformance, argues the good professor. Link

The Sound of Mashing

The von Trapp family - yes, of Sound of Music fame - settled in upstate Vermont after they left Europe, a region with many similarities to their native Austria. Why not complete the picture with authentic beer styles from home? Adrian Tierney-Jones visits a most unexpected brewery.

Guest Columnist

Mega-breweries represent the next generation of brewhouse, their success predicated on a delicate balance between people, plant and profit. Anders Hummer, vice-president at global consultancy Alectia Brew, considers the future successes of ever-larger production facilities. Link


May/June 2010

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: Khalil Younis - Carlsberg

In 2009 Carlsberg Group looked to speed up its response to market by combining its innovation sales and marketing functions under one roof, headed by newly arrived senior vice-president Khalil Younes. Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson met up with Younes recently to ask what the winds of change had wrought.





Heineken has just released its latest sustainability report, fronted by ambitious new 10 year environmental performance targets. Larry Nelson knocks on the door of Amsterdam HQ to find out how these targets can be achieved.

Industry Consolidation 

As the tremors subside from the latest round of M&A activity - Scottish and Newcastle, we knew ye well - a look at the world's top 20 markets reveals a considerable level of concentration. Tim Wilson asks if we've reached consolidation end game.

Multinational Brands 

Heineken, Carlsberg, Guinness et al, may have a global reach but no desire to be restricted to hotel mini-bars. Pete Brown looks at how global beer brands are faring, and how they might better their performance.

Alternative Realities

UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth visits China and encounters the country's mirror image of the Belgian Martens, aka the Brewery of the Future, and comes away with questions about the advantages of continuous brewing over existing batch processes. Link

Labelling Innovation

The seemingly unstoppable advance of pressure sensitive labelling shuddered last year during the economic downturn but may have returned to growth. For paper label suppliers concerns over sustainability would seem to be to their benefit - or is it? Brewers' Guardian report.

Guest Columnist

John Brauer enters the debate on whether a new definition of beer is needed, drawing a distinction between what is technically possible and what is traditionally understood to mean 'beer'. Link


March/April 2010

BG Mar-Apr 2010Cover Story: John Council - Diageo

Diageo is perhaps best thought of as a producer of spirits, yet beer - Guinness specifically - is an integral part of its strategy. It's up to John Council, supply director, Global Beer, to deliver the goods. Interview by Brewers' Guardian editor Larry Nelson.




Hop Market Report

It's a buyer's market at the moment, writes deputy editor Rob Brown, with producers cutting back acreage again. Plus: understanding sensory hop attributes.

Dispense Innovation

With research showing that the majority of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, why aren't brewers paying more attention to dispense? Phil Mellows reports.

Secondary Packaging

Environmental pressures are leading to cuts in the amounts of secondary packaging used, but there's still scope for form and function innovations, as Ros Shiel discovers.

Alternative Realities

UC Davis professor Charlie Bamforth returns, examining what might (or might not be) in production processes, following on from Brewers' Guardian's Brewery of the Future special issue (Nov/Dec 2009). Link

Beers of the Future

Special section reporting on change drivers (taxation regimes, cost pressures, consumer tastes), The Flavour Wheel (Morten Meilgaard's 1970's creation examined) and Brewing Competitions (covering the marked surge in these brewing contests).

Guest Columnist

With all the changes underway in what we understand as beer, Canadean's account director of alcoholic beverages, Kevin Baker, asks a timely question: is a new Reinheitsgebot needed? Link


January/February 2010 

BG Jan-Feb 2010Cover Story: Newsmaker of the Year

The fragile state of our planet - although opinions, especially in Copenhagen, differed - kept our ecosystem constantly on the front pages of websites and newspapers. The brewing industry is responding to the environmental challenge but could more be done? Deputy editor Rob Brown investigates.




Environmental Management

SABMiller has set aggressive goals for reducing water in its worldwide brewing operations, both as an input and in terms of waste reduction. Deputy editor Rob Brown met with Andy Wales, SABMiller's head of sustainable development, to find out how these targets can be achieved.

United Breweries

India's market leader has been honoured recently by both UNESCO and the federal government for its efforts to reduce water use. Deputy editor Rob Brown discovers a wide range of imaginative initiatives.

Alcohol Regulation

Governments worldwide are combating alcohol abuse by increasing duty, implementing advertising bans, and restricting routes to market. The industry needs to be proactive in response, argues Paul Hegarty, who asks: are we victims or partners?

Social Sustainability

Charlie Bamforth concludes his series on the oft tumultuous relationships between the brewing industry and societal stakeholders by looking inward. Is the brewing industry well served by academia, asks the good professor? (Link)

Guest Columnist

Sometimes all it takes is a momentary glimpse of a pretty girl to offer fresh insight into a truism, that beer need be brewed where its heritage springs from as an essential brand building-block. Perhaps that's not so much the case, muses Alastair Gilmour (Link)

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