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The Right Call - Marketing in Africa

The language of marketing beer in Africa - premiumisation, price points, and activations - isn't that different than anywhere else in the world. But how does one slake the thirst of someone earning as little as the equivalent of US$2 a day? SABMiller Africa marketing director Dave Carruthers explains how it's done. Interview by Larry Nelson. (BG Jul/Aug 2011)

New Kids on the Block

At the onset of the ongoing financial crisis, when AB InBev and other recently expansive and debt laden multinationals were looking to pay down debt, it wasn't competitors who paid cash for assets but rather private equity concerns. Does their arrival signal a new wave of brewing competitors, or a traditional short-term private equity strategy? Report by Glynn Davis. (BG Jul/Aug 2011)

The Latest on Labels

Label suppliers are competing for brewers' business with innovative new products while keeping the environment firmly in mind. Rebecca Evans reports. (BG Jul/Aug 2011)

Tennent's: Thinking Big

Brands and breweries can get lost in the ever-changing fortunes of a multinational brewer, and that's arguably been true of Tennent's Caledonian, until recently a far-flung outpost of A-B InBev's global empire. Today, under the ownership of C&C Group, this historic brewery is being invested in once again, and resuming its leadership role in the Scottish industry. Report by editor Larry Nelson. (BG May/Jun 2011)

EBC 2011: Exhibitors make their mark

Be it over lunch or taking a break from the lecture programme, here's your chance to touch base with the expertise of the international suppliers exhibiting and sponsoring EBC 2011 in Glasgow. (BG May/Jun 2011)

Environmental Performance: Going Green

The brewing industry is grappling with ways and means of reducing water and energy use, with novel solutions coming to the fore. While KPI-friendly single digit improvements are always possible - especially if production is increasing - deeper cuts will require more radical solutions. Glynn Davis surveys the landscape. (BG May/Jun 2011)

CR Snow

Of all the world’s beer markets, China is arguably the most competitive – there’s no clear-cut number one, with as many as six brewers possessing the means to claim the top rung. After a decade of consolidation and rapid expansion, the leader for the moment is CR Snow, buttressed by the success of the world’s leading beer brand, Snow lager. Editor Larry Nelson met with CR Snow chairman and SABMiller managing director Ari Mervis to find out how the company plans to stay ahead of the chasing pack. (BG Mar/Apr 2011)

China Market Trends

From a distance the Chinese beer market looks a puzzle with hundreds of brewers fighting for profitable market share. But as Glen Steinman of Seema International explains, a closer look reveals a top four echelon of players poised to consolidate the market and, perhaps, start making returns that will interest shareholders. (BG Mar/Apr 2011)

Brewing Innovation

Used and abused and dressed up in all manners, the brewing industry uses the buzzword ‘innovation’ to introduce to market everything from Guinness’ widget (correct) to a new SKU (not so fast). Marketing editor Pete Brown sorts the wheat from the chaff, and finds that craft brewers, with a need to experiment and an ability to do so at less cost, have the edge. (BG Mar/Apr 2011)

Hop Market Report

There’s an oversupply of hops globally at the moment, leading to favourable prices for brewers. While growers are addressing the situation with early indications of reduced plantings for 2011, merchants are working as well with the industry to move contracts forward, writes Rebecca Evans, thus hoping to achieve a stable supply-demand balance. (BG Mar/Apr 2011)
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