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The Greening of Gösser

Can a brewery actually be CO2 neutral?
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Hops: A Strange, Strange World

Alpha acid is in oversupply, yet thanks to increasing demand from craft brewers for aroma hops, there are varieties where demand outstrips supply many times over. Rebecca Evans surveys the ever-changing landscape of hop market supply and demand. (BG Nov/Dec 2011)

Brewers' Grains: Opportunities Abound

Brewers' grains have traditionally been hauled away by farmers for use as animal feed - an end use of increasing value in this age of scarcity. But there are numerous potential alternative uses, some now in existence and with others in development. David Cook of the University of Nottingham surveys the current thinking and asks if the brewery of tomorrow will be a 'biorefinery'. (BG Nov/Dec 2011)

An American Original

As the craft beer market matures, there are a handful of companies that have pulled away to become nationally recognised, none more so than Boston Beer. Its success is due to Jim Koch, founder and today chairman, and who is staging a new revolution in beer freshness. Report by editor Larry Nelson. (BG Sep/Oct 2011)

Craft Beer Uncapped

To say that the fortunes of American craft beer are on the rise is an understatement, of late their popularity has exploded beyond anyone's expectations. Volumes and sales are in sustained growth, and a new wave of start-ups are about to commence production. Jay R Brooks surveys the emerging craft beer landscape. (BG Sep/Oct 2011)

Packaging's Green Debate

What offers brand owners better environmental credentials - cans, glass bottles or PET bottles? There's no easy answer, with outcomes dependent on variables such as recycling that are outside the control of suppliers and brewers. Glynn Davis sheds some light on a weighty issue. (BG Sep/Oct 2011)

The Boom in Biogas

While the science has been understood for some decades, the drivers behind biogas production from waste water have changed. Environmental pressures and the ability to obtain a better return on investment are accelerating adaptation. But, as Peter Haydon discovers, the real story regarding cleaned-up waste water is its use in production processes. (BG Sep/Oct 2011)

The Heart of Africa

Tom de Man, Heineken regional president for Africa and Middle East, is due to retire this summer, leaving a lengthy roll call of accomplishments, the latest being Heineken's entry into Ethiopian brewing. In a wide-ranging interview, editor Larry Nelson hears what makes Africa special. (BG Jul/Aug 2011)

The Right Call - Marketing in Africa

The language of marketing beer in Africa - premiumisation, price points, and activations - isn't that different than anywhere else in the world. But how does one slake the thirst of someone earning as little as the equivalent of US$2 a day? SABMiller Africa marketing director Dave Carruthers explains how it's done. Interview by Larry Nelson. (BG Jul/Aug 2011)

New Kids on the Block

At the onset of the ongoing financial crisis, when AB InBev and other recently expansive and debt laden multinationals were looking to pay down debt, it wasn't competitors who paid cash for assets but rather private equity concerns. Does their arrival signal a new wave of brewing competitors, or a traditional short-term private equity strategy? Report by Glynn Davis. (BG Jul/Aug 2011)
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