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Exhibitors: what’s hot at drinktec

There are 1,500 stories to be told. Here are some of the most compelling...
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Exhibitors: what’s hot at drinktec

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Road-testing hops: lots to sample at drinktec 2017

There are 1,500 stories to be told. Here are some of the most compelling

Every industry supplier in Munich next week has a story to tell about their good, services, innovations and ideas. To help narrow down the search for excellence, here’s Brewers' Guardian's essential background briefing on who’s presenting what that might well be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen at a trade fair. (Or not: personal experience may vary.)

Caveat aside, as you scroll through our listing of what’s going to be especially interesting at drinktec, take note of entries tagged with INNOVATION or PRODUCT LAUNCH: these exhibitors have something of special import to share with their stand visitors. and if something is of specal interest for smaller scale producers, there items have been highlighted as CRAFT BREWING.

And while the listing is alphabetical, don’t pause halfway through. The very last exhibitor included here, Ziemann Holvrieka, will have some of the more game-changing innovations to be displayed at drinktec.



Air Control Industries
Hall A1 Stand 113

ACI is making a return to drinktec with its roster of drying system solutions for filling and packaging lines. Their range of blower-driven drying systems includes the unique Jetplate Bottle Dryer; Can Drying Tunnels; and the latest range of craft-brewery specific systems. Line speeds measured from the 100s up to 1000s of cans or bottles can be accommodated by an ACI drying solution as efficiently and as effectively as possible, in the process improving the quality of all date coding and labelling processes. (ACI is exhibiting as part of the BFBi Pavilion.)

Alfa Laval
Hall B3 Stand 323

In a world trending towards demand for lower and non-alcoholic beers, Alfa Laval is in Munich talking up its De-alcoholisation Module. It’s a streamlined combination of heat exchangers, instruments and flow control to efficiently provide non-alcohol beer below 0.05% alcohol by volume. All this is said to be accomplished at low temperature and pressure in one process with minimum use of utilities, and thus at low cost.

Also being highlighted is Alfa Laval’s LKH Prime, a self-priming pump that features air-screw technology. It’s designed to deliver maximum efficiency of CIP systems in beer and beverage production, whilst offering quiet operation. It can also pump product, reducing capital investment.

Ardagh Group
Hall A1 Stand 539

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Ardagh is talking up the potential to do more with can finishes. Its latest development, Matte & Mirror Impact’, offers a combination of matte and glossy surfaces. A new ink compound is utilised to make this possible. This special admixture can be used with any printable colour and creates matte effects on an otherwise glossy can surface. This new finishing will be available in 2018.

Hall A1 Stand 348

INNOVATION – Ball, one of the world’s leading can manufacturers, will be showcasing its extended range of new can sizes, including a 90-centiliter King can, a 25-centilitre Sleek can and a 45-centilitre Super Sleek can. Also featured on the stand will be Ball’s unique Strawster can, aluminium bottles and proprietary Dynamark variable printing. As to entertaining the drinktec throngs, Ball is staging Happy Hour events, with promises of craft beer on offer.

Hall B1 Stand 215

INNOVATIONS – Barth-Haas is offering a new tasting scheme with twelve aroma categories for hops. Dubbed HOPSEED, the ambition is to have people use a common language to describe beer flavours.

And together with Novozymes, Barth-Haas will be presenting a beer brewed with cassava (or manioc) flour. It’s an interesting answer to the questions of sustainability. Perhaps not all raw materials or finished products need be transported to African markets, considering the financial and environmental costs. Why not take the raw materials available locally and brew there?

Hall A1 Stand 119

Cabka-IPS is presenting two robust, durable, and cost-saving plastic pallets for the beverage industry at drinktec. The first is the BPP i9 pool pallet made of recycled HDPE plastic that at 23 kilos weighs half as much as a comparable wooden pallet. With a load capacity of 1,500 kg in the high-bay rack, the pallet is extremely resilient.

Cabka-IPS is also presenting the Keg S9 plastic pallet at drinktec. This was developed specially for the handling of 50 litre kegs and is already being used at several breweries. The pallet can accommodate up to eight kegs. The Keg S9 is also manufactured with the gas-injection process, which makes it extremely stable and durable, despite its low net weight.

Beatson Clark
Hall A1 Stand 210

PRODUCT LAUNCH – This manufacturer of glass bottles for beers, soft drinks and spirits is launching an embossed 500ml skittle beer bottle and an ‘apothecary’ style spirit bottle range for the European market. Beatson Clark is also promoting speciality printed crowns to create a complete branded packaging service.

Comptoir-Agricole Hops
Hall B1 Stand 219

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Comptoir Agricole is promising excitements on its stand come Tuesday night at the close of the exhibition with the launch of Hop France. Details are sketchy as yet as to what this will entail but it’s certainly worth a look given the interests of the host. Comptoir Agricole is the main hop grower organization in France, producing only aroma and flavor hops including Strisselspalt, Aramis, Triskel, Barbe-Rouge, Mistral, Fuggle and Savinjski Golding.

Constantia Flexibles
Hall A2 Stand 325

A world leader in Pressure Sensitive Label technology and its application, Constantia Flexible is at drinktec to discuss Thermowash labels, PSL for returnable bottles. Thermowash labels easily detach from bottles in the washing process, and in so doing are consistent with paper labels.

For those thinking plastics rather than glass bottles or cans will welcome Spear RC, a pressure sensitive label that detaches cleanly from the bottle. It makes it completely compatible with the PET recycling process.

Hall A1 Stand 133

PRODUCT LAUNCH – CROWN Bevcan Europe and Middle East is showcasing advanced digital technologies and decorative finishes for the beverage sector. At drinktec Crown is launching its CrownConnect technology. There hasn’t been a lot of pre-show explanation about what this entails but CrownConnect is said to include CrownSmart, SeeThrough and CrownSecure, applications that will enable brand owners to deliver breakthrough experiences through digital platforms.

Hall B2 Stand 101

Doehler is one of the can’t miss exhibitors at drinktec, in part because of its vast, front of hall stand position and fabulous stand parties; more so because of its range of flavour products that transform basic fruit and veg into, as they say, ‘the best of nature.’

INNOVATION - But here’s something different for drinktec: an enthusiasm for partnering with entrepreneurial enterprise. Döhler Ventures is an offshoot dedicated to providing growth capital for businesses in the food and beverage world. The company uses its market expertise and a worldwide network to support start-ups and entrepreneurs from product development to launch.

At drinktec, Doehler’s Innovations and Ventures team will be providing interested parties with information on the wide range of collaboration options. Besides equity capital, the company offers entrepreneurs support in R&D and applications, and provides innovative technologies as well as supply chain solutions.

Hall A2 Booth 439

Domino is promising stand visitors an array of state-of-the-art coding solutions. Their recently launched Ax-Series continuous ink jet printers use integrated sensors to automate system monitoring, allowing for proactive and predictive diagnostics and remote service support through IIoT and connection to the Domino Cloud.

Domino is also presenting two new inks which have been designed for coding substrates where a layer of moisture is present. As the dried ink can be removed through caustic wash processes, these inks are particularly suitable for use on returnable glass bottles. The i-Pulse yellow ink (2YL855) with high contrast on dark substrates is designed for marking coloured returnable glass bottles, while i-Pulse black ink (2BK156), a fast dry black ink, has been developed for coding onto both PET and clear returnable glass bottles.

Finally, Domino’s new F720i high-speed fiber laser is designed for coding cans at speeds up to 90,000 cans per hour. It is suitable for demanding production environments thanks to its high IP rating.

Hall B1 Stand 441

DuPont will be talking about enzymatic solutions for brewers, of course, but they won’t be the only ones talking on their stand. Throughout the week there’s a schedule of guest speakers who are holding forth on a variety of industry related topics.

The full schedule of speakers is available from the DuPont stand but we’d like to self-servingly point out that Brewers’ Guardian editor Larry Nelson will be addressing a hoped-for throng on Tuesday afternoon, 5pm, on the relationship between multinational brewers and their craft counterparts.

Hall B3 Stand 336

PRODUCT LAUNCH – This specialist in all things filtration is presenting its new BECO filter cartridge range during drinktec. Visitors can learn how to combine the BECO PROTECT PG< BECO PROTECT FS FineStream and BECO MEMBRAN PS beer membrane filter cartridge to provide effective pre-filtration and final filtration for stable and bright beer.

Hall B1 Stand 536

PRODUCT LAUNCH – There are two new yeast strains on offer on the Fermentis stand. Being introduced at drinktec is SafAle HA-18, recommended for the production of particularly high attenuating beers even for very high gravity fermentations such as for barley wines. This strain is able to reach 18% v/v, depending on the process and the substrate with a very good resistance to the osmotic pressure and high fermentation temperatures.

Also front and centre at Fermentis is recently to market SafAle BE-134, a Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus, characterized by a particularly high attenuation. It is recommended for Belgian Saison-style beers and creates fruity aromas with a slight spicy character (pof+) such as clove notes.

Fermentis is also promising samples of ‘good beer’ at twice-daily tastings, at 11am and again at 4pm. Given their brewing abilities and contacts, make time during the week for one of these tastings.

Hall A3 Stand 313

GEA is taking a step forward in brewing technology with its release of Brewery 4.0, described as a vision of continuous brewing. This is to link continuous mash separation in double decanters, fermentation and maturation processes with just-in-time production technology and flexible processing of digital data.

CRAFT BREWING – GEA will have on its stand its increasingly popular three-vessel CRAFTSTAR brewhouse, offering an impressive 98 per cent extract efficiency. There’s also GEA’s Plug & Win separator, a multi-functional compact system performing five functions in a single machine.

Gebo Cermex
Hall A6 Stand 330

Gebo Cermex, today again proudly part of the Sidel Group, is offering a plethora of upgraded solutions. For starters there’s AQ Flex, described as a breakthrough universal all-in-one conveying solution that delivers unprecedented packaging line performance, unrivalled output speed and unique agility.

EvoFilm is a robust, high speed, flexible modular shrink-wrapping solution. It is said to meet today’s sustainability and energy-saving challenges, while ensuring product integrity and finished pack quality. And there’s OptiFeed – Gebo’s new crown and cap feeder which optimizes cap/crown availability at the capper at a promised unrivalled efficiency, in addition to ensuring the quality of the caps and their compliance with the relevant specifications.

There’s also Gebo’s EIT – Efficiency Improvement Tool. It uses comprehensive line monitoring to accurately detect the causes of unplanned stoppages and help increase operators’ responsiveness.

Graphic Packaging International
Hall A5 Stand 325

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Drinktec visitors who think that Transformers are cool (editor’s note: the toys, not the movies) would do well to visit GPI’s stand while in Munich. The company is demonstrating ReShape, which they promise is a revolutionary technology capable of creating virtually any pack configuration seamlessly with one piece of packaging equipment.

GPI is also demonstrating state-of-the-art robotic capabilities that integrate with multi-packers for several applications. As consumers increasingly seek different flavors in their beverage choices, brands face the challenge of how to automate variety packing. The company will show how to easily integrate robotic technology with GPI machinery and demonstrate an easily configurable and scalable solution for creating variety packs.

Hall C1 Sand242

PRODUCT LAUNCH – Hanovia is unveiling the PureLine DC range that is optimised to deliver a guaranteed UV dose for effective dechlorination. The range provides effective disinfection to prevent downstream contamination and protects RO membranes and ion-exchange technologies from residual chlorine and risk of bio-fouling.

Impiantinox Easybrau
Hall B2 Stand 139

PRODUCT LAUNCH - This Italian supplier of craft scale brewing solutions will be showcasing several new products, including a flash pasteuriser and a carbonation system.

The pasteuriser, capable of 500 to 5,000 litres per hour with continuous in-line temperature control, is customisable according to client requirements and offers fully automatic operation with standard PLC and touch panel. (There’s also remote control.)

The in-line CO2 dosing system, again customisable according to the brewer’s requirements, offers continuous, highly accurate adjustment of the CO2 content. It, too, is fully automatic with standard PLC and touch panel operations. It has CIP capability.

Hall B4 Stand 328

INNOVATION - Here’s something that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated: KHS is promoting a single lane keg racing system that reverses the relationship between filling stations and conveying stations. Instead of the traditional linear line-up of infeed-filler-discharge the Innokeg AF-C Transversal has the discharge conveyor located between two fillers. The kegs are pushed sideways from this conveyor to the filling stations and then back.

The Innokeg AF-C Transversal is a modular system capable of processing 250 to 700 kegs per hour. And it can accommodate one-way kegs simply by switching off the keg washers so that the kegs pass through the machine on their way to the racker.

CRAFT SOLUTIONS – KHS is launching a compact labeller at drinktec. The Roland 40, little brother to the Innoket Neo, has a capacity of 2,500 to 25,000 bottles per hour. It can be fitted with various labelling stations and is promised by KHS to offer ease of use.

In its standard version the Innoket Roland 40 comes with two cold glue stations. This allows shoulder and neck labels to be applied at two levels by the first station, for instance, with the second station affixing back labels to the bottles. Alternatively, self-adhesive stations, a combination of cold glue and self-adhesive technology and hot melt labelling processes can be used.

Klüber Lubrication
Hall A3 Stand 332

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Klüber Lubrication will be presenting its new Klüberplus C2 Dry series. This solution for the lubrication of plastic conveyor belts combines the advantages of conventional wet and dry lubricants, minimising the generation of deposits. These products are said to have been made to match the requirements for the transport of carton packages, PET bottles and metal cans as they are registered as NSF H1 and are free of perfluorinated (PTFE) substances. And during drinktec the experts of Klüber Lubrication will be on hand to answer all questions relating to food safety, especially MOSH/MOAH issues.

Hall B6

Here’s the thing – you haven’t been to drinktec properly if you haven’t stopped by the Krones stand, rather, hall. This year the world’s largest supplier of brewing equipment has digitalisation on its mind, the interplay of metal and steel with the possibilities of line technology and IT advances.

Krones is showcasing a pilot line that will demonstrate how it will be possible to fill and package products on a just-in-time basis. This is to be accomplished without either order picking or warehousing. And Krones is also teasing what’s ‘probably’ the fastest beer filler currently available on the market.

The biggest nod to the future comes with an environmental stance. Krones is talking about an energy-autonomous brewery, one which can be operated without fossil fuels, instead obtaining its energy entirely from recovering recyclables.

Hall B1 Stand 321

PRODUCT LAUNCH – Lallemand is launching within its WildBrew product line WildBrew Sour Pitch, a ready-to-use dried bacteria specifically selected for its ability to produce a wide range of sour beer styles. Brewers should be able to obtain effortless application, consistency, assured performance and unparalleled purity when brewing sour beers of their choice.

Also being unveiled at drinktec is Lallemand division AB Vicker’s latest addition to its product range: PROTOFINE, a pectin-based fining agent suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. PROTOFINE is said to reduce cold storage time, promote fast clarification in tank and increase filtration throughput, ultimately maximising total brewing capacity.

Those intent on knowing what the end result might taste like can have their curiosity and thirst satiated. There’ll be samples of beer created from WildBrew Sour Pitch on the Lallemand stand, plus additional styles of beer.

Micro Matic
Hall A1 Stand 514

INNOVATION – Not a lot of pre-drinktec publicity available here, save that what will be unveiled in Munich will be a game gamer in terms of ease of beer dispense. It’s definitely worth a stand visit.

Pall Food & Beverage
Hall B3 Stand 103

Pall Food & Beverage is featuring its latest development in cold sterile beer filtration, the CFS NEO, as an alternative to flash and tunnel pasteurization. Also on show is their range of DE-free solutions: SEITZ ZD sheets as well as the PROFi Craft cross-flow system for craft breweries. Pall will also be exhibiting its new GeneDisc microbial detection methods and protocols, applicable for beer spoilers, wine spoilage yeasts and Alicyclobacillus, enabling results in just two hours!

Hall B2 Stand 526

INNOVATION – There are at least four compelling reasons to stop by the Meura stand while at drinktec. The brewing solutions provider is promoting the commercial introduction of FLEXI BOIL, an auto-adaptive wort spreader for wort kettles working at different evaporation rates. In regards to mash filtration, there’s an operational improvement to the Meura2001 with the MVD (Membrane Vacuum Device) becoming a standard feature. And Meura will be celebrating the 10th installation of Meurastream since the concept was launched at the end of 2014.

The fourth reason? Did we mention that Meura is a Belgian headquartered company? To judge from past trade fair appearances, it means that Meura will be offering stand visitors an interesting selection of strong Belgian ales.

Hall B5 Booth 502

OCME is attempting to answer what lies at the end of a rainbow during drinktec. Apparently it’s the ability to have a mix of flavoured individual loose bottles in one unique pack thanks to OCME’s new RAINBOW line. This packaging solution is said to offer high speeds, flexibility, and easy, quick format changes. There’ll be live demonstrations of the RAINBOW line throughout drinktec.

Hall A5 Stand 346

PRODUCT LAUNCH - PakTech is introducing its new Can Carrier at drinktec. While continuing the popular design elements of the current handle, it is now easier to apply by hand and is much easier for the consumer to remove from the can. It continues to be made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and is still 100% recyclable. And there’s an environmental plus: the new handles are said to now stack better, allowing nearly 40% more handles to be fit into each box and onto each pallet, saving costs in shipping.

Hall B3 Stand 313

CRAFT BREWERS – In common with an increasing number of suppliers, Pentair is thinking about right-sizing solutions. At drinktec visitors to their stand can learn about CO2CompactBrew, a containerized 25 to 160 kg/h CO2 recovery system for smaller brewers.

There is also now a DE-free beer membrane filtration system for craft brewers. The BMF Compact S product range offers small-scale BMF systems for breweries with annual outputs of up to 100,000 hectolitres.

And there’s a step forward in valve technology. Pentair’s latest innovation is the Mixproof Aseptic Process Valve Südmo AS-DSV Secure for use and automation in a wide range of applications. It is said to offer extremely good chemical, temperature and pressure resistance combined with a high number of cycles.

Hall B3 Stand 316

ProMinent is presenting its chlorate- and chloride-poor disinfection solutions, using membrane electrolysis as well as dosing systems. A highlight is their new UV system Dulcodes LP F&B that complies with hygienic design requirements. The DVGW-certified system is designed to ensure an optimal cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces in contact with the food. Polished surfaces with a surface roughness of less than Ra = 0.8 μm prevent adhesion of the flow-through media.

Hall B3 Stand 536

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Scanjet, a Swedish-based leading supplier of advanced tank cleaning products and systems, is launching an addition to their range of tank cleaning jets during drinktec. The Bio 25B operates like other tank cleaning jets with it sitting inside a tank and used to spray water or other cleaning liquids to clean the tank’s interior surfaces. Scanjet’s big leap forward with the Bio 25B is its ability also to run dry for short periods, to blow air or other gases into the brewing tanks. This function can be useful in many ways, for example in blowing sterile air into the brewery fermentation tank to force out the CO2 in the tank before starting the cleaning process.

Hall B3 Stand 440

INNOVATION – Steinfurth is featuring its solution for monitoring of CO2 content. The CDA-OST unit has been redesigned for time-optimised monitoring of CO2 content, especially on PET bottled beverages. The system can be automatically calibrated to every individual transparent package and beverage standard.

Hall C1 Stand 635

Wavegrip is making its Munich debut at this year’s drinktec, offering beverage multi-packaging solutions. Both its G1 and G2 applicators will be at the exhibition to demonstrate operational efficiencies available to both larger and smaller beverage producers. Wavegrip says that its G1 manual machine is ideal for craft brewers seeking to offer multi-packed products for the first time.

Hall A1 Stand 126

A new name for some, but a reliable source of dispense and beer storage solutions over the years as Manitowoc and recently rebranded. The acronym to remember here is ALBI - Advanced Lean Beverage Innovation. This unit is designed for the dispense of quality soft drinks for smaller retail outlets with a footprint of up to 44% compared to the current smallest post mix installation. It’s a ‘plug & play’ installation, with no back room equipment or python required.

Welbilt will also be talking about highly efficient remote beer cooler systems. The Vision Series uses energy efficient natural refrigerants such as R290 (Hydrocarbon), offering improved reliability and lower service costs.

Hall B1 Stand 505

Weyermann Specialty Malting Company is a German family-owned enterprise in the heart of the famous Bavarian beer town of Bamberg. Founded in 1879 by the visionary J.B. Weyermann, it is today one of the world’s most renowned malt manufacturers offering the widest range of malts on earth! The historic site in Bamberg is heritage-protected with its unique red-brick buildings containing state-of-the-art equipment. Weyermann serves customers in 135 countries.

Ziemann Holvrieka
Hall B2 Stand 303

Those who attended Brau Beviale in 2016 will recall Ziemann’s unveiling of NESSIE, which separated mash into wort and spent grains in a four-drum continuous process. The rest of that starting point in revolutionary brewing process is being presented at drinktec.

OMNIUM takes brewhouse tasks, including mashing in and wort boiling, and divides them into sub-processes. By subsequently combining these partial flows the brewing process is completed in an optimal way. Rather than go into extensive detail here, let’s leave it to the experts on the Ziemann stand and simply say this: this year at drinktec Ziemann is one of the ‘must see’ stands.


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