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New Calmex from Omex for improved neutralisation

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Calmex from Omex Environmental for higher pH control and improved removal of sulphate ions from waste water during food production

OmexHigher pH control and improved removal of sulphate ions from waste water in food processing industries is provided with the new calcium hydroxide suspension Calmex 40 from Omex Environmental, specialists in neutraliser technology.

Calmex 40 is a highly refined aqueous suspension of calcium hydroxide containing 40% solids, which is ideal for the fast and efficient neutralisation of acidic and metal-bearing effluents produced, particularly where residence times may be limited.

While magnesia is an ideal and safe neutraliser for the fast and effective control of pH levels and low sludge volumes and safety, Omex has introduced Calmex 40 to its portfolio for applications where there is a requirement for higher pH and for the removal of sulphate ions from solution.

Omex Environmental specialises in nutrients, flocculants, anti-bulking agents and acid neutralisers for inorganic and biological waste water treatment and biogas plants.

As well as pH control, the company's range of products are designed to overcome potential problems that can occur with modern effluent and septicity treatment, including odour control, filamentous bulking, and COD removal.



Contact: Sales Department, Omex Environmental
Tel: +44 (0)1553 770092


Established in 1976, Omex has developed into a dynamic group of companies operating throughout the world. The core competence of Omex lies in the manufacture of complex liquid formulations, particularly suspensions. These are produced from a variety of manufacturing sites: three in the UK, one in Belgium, one in USA (California) and one in Canada. Extensive trials and research programmes, often in conjunction with independent organisations and universities, have allowed Omex to develop its specialist knowledge of fluid dynamics into several different industries, ranging from agriculture to waste water treatment.

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