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Cara and Alectia in landmark yeast deal

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British company Cara Technology has signed a deal giving it control of one of the largest repositories of commercial brewing yeast in the world.  

The firm has bought Danish consultancy Alectia Brew’s historic yeast collection and supply business for an undisclosed sum, bringing the number of strains in its portfolio to almost 700.  

The Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory collection began life in 1881 – two years before Carlsberg became the first to use pure yeast cultures in brewing – and fast became a leading pure yeast supplier to breweries across the globe.  

“Alectia Brew’s yeast collection and supply business has a special place in the brewing business,” said Alectia’s vice president Anders Hummer.  

“Originating from the Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory and then acquired by Alectia Brew in 2005, this unique pure yeast facility provides an assurance to brewers that the yeast they’re using in their brewery is the right one, and produced to the highest quality standards.” 

The business, which supplies liquid and dried pure yeast cultures, will remain in Copenhagen, operating under the name of Cara Technology Aps. Some of the strains contained in the collection - preserved in liquid nitrogen and stored in two separate locations – date back to the 1890s.  

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to build on the wonderful heritage of this business,” said Cara Technology managing director Bill Simpson.  

“Over the past 128 years the yeast laboratory has provided several hundred thousand batches of pure yeast to almost a thousand breweries. Customers have included, and still include, some of the most famous names in the industry, making many of the world’s most famous beers.” 

Based in the UK, Cara Technology provides in-depth brewing yeast analysis and selects improved strains for its international customers. Formed in 1995, the firm is based near London and offers yeast and quality management services, problem solving tools and training.

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