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New look for Bourbon County Stout

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Bourbon County's new look: limited quantities each year

Neck label has stand-out 'flag' added

Constantia Flexibles has given the labelling of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout a new look that allows the beer to, er, stick its neck out. 

Bourbon County Stout is claimed as the originator of bourbon barrel aging, with the stout nestled in barrels that previously held Jim Beam bourbon. For the past 23 years it has garnered and retained an enthusiastic following of beer lovers, with County Stout released in limited quantities on Black Friday (the day after American Thanksgiving). 

Last year Goose Island started work on enhancing County Stout’s packaging so that it was worthy of the beer. Instead of 12- and 22-ounce bottles, it is now packaged in an 18.9 ounce brown bottle with embossed lettering.

And Constantia Flexibles provided the labelling solution, executing an idea to add a ‘flag’ to the neck label, drawing consumer attention at the point of sale. 

The neck label is a full wrap with a 5/8” tab that pops out from the bottle. Special treatment was applied to the neck label to allow for two-sided printing of the flag component and to ensure that it maintained its perpendicular shape once applied. 

The back label was tapered to match the taper of the bottle with a custom die shape. 

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