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Bud dresses up for World Cup

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Budweisier: The World Cup's 'official beer'

New aluminium bottle for football fans

British drinkers will be knocking back Budweiser from new limited edition, aluminium bottles during the Fifa World Cup this summer.

Brand-owner A-B InBev unveiled the new design from US supplier Exal as its marketing warms up for the championships, for which Bud is the ‘official beer’.

The new, unbreakable aluminium ‘Trophy Bottle’ comes in a 473ml serving size, feels cool to the touch and allows for less spillage, according to A-B InBev.

“The metallic red and silver Budweiser bottles were inspired by the world’s most coveted trophy and will create ‘talkability’ in a bar environment, with their eye-catching design making them a must-stock item for any back bar,” said Budweiser marketing director for Western Europe, James Watson.

Watson said the larger bottle will mean less trips to the bar for football fans while matches are on. The initiative will be backed up with TV and press advertising, consumer PR and high profile point-of-sale merchandising.

The new-look for Bud – the biggest selling premium bottled lager in British pubs, according to A-B InBev - is part of a global sponsorship campaign for the World Cup, which kicks off in South Africa in June.

The brewer claims its sponsorship activities will “transcend cultural boundaries” and “unite consumers around the world”. However the warm-up to the event has not run smoothly, with A-B InBev’s poor distribution in South Africa leading to rival SABMiller winning rights to supply some of the championship’s events.

The Beer World Cup

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